10 December 2019

What next for Australia’s education system after abysmal PISA results?

After last week’s abysmal PISA results, many parents and teachers are wondering what the future of learning in Australia will entail. But there is a way out of this mess.

9 December 2019

Estonia didn’t deliver its PISA results on the cheap, and neither will Australia

Education news in Australia last week was dominated by Australia’s worst ever showing in the OECD’s PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests. The mathematical literacy of our students has fallen to the OECD average. It’s not good enough for a rich country like Australia. Improving outcomes will need good policy, steady support for schools, and consistent hard work.

4 December 2019

How Australia can climb up the education ranking systems

The latest OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results show a long-term decline in reading, maths and science skills for Australian students. For Australia to improve, it is not about radically changing policy directions, or doing one thing differently. Instead, Australia must do many things better; much, much better. We must do them more systematically and with more intensity.

13 February 2017

FactCheck: is Australia below the international average when it comes to school funding?

Current school funding arrangements run out at the end of this year, and schools need to know what will replace them. So this year we can expect to hear arguments over how much funding different parts of government should provide, how funding should grow over time, and how it should be allocated.

22 March 2016

NAPLAN analysis points out policy gaps

In practice, it is hard to compare different groups of students using the NAPLAN points scale. A new analysis of NAPLAN data suggests that students are falling much further behind than previously thought.

23 November 2012

Sleepers wake: what Australia can learn from Asian schools

Educators who think we cannot learn from the success of education in East Asia are living in the past

2 April 2012

Sea change in education policy needed

Raising entry level increases teacher supply. But we must put the focus on how teaching contributes to student learning.

1 August 2011

Turn east and learn from the world’s best

23 March 2011

Asian languages matter

13 December 2010

Emerging economic powers’ school students setting global pace