30 April 2019

More grey tsunami than youthquake

Australia’s voter base – like its general population – is ageing, and political parties need to be mindful of that in shaping policy.

4 February 2019

Why the federal government’s new integrity commission isn’t up to the job

The Federal Government’s initial proposal for a Commonwealth Integrity Commission is light on powers and resources, and unlikely to weed out corruption and serious misconduct. Here’s how the Government should fix it before putting the proposal to parliament.

2 November 2018

States and territories have improved integrity measures, but Commonwealth lags far behind

When it comes to cleaning up Australian politics, some states are doing much better than others – and almost all are showing up the Commonwealth government.

23 September 2018

Morrison can get a quick win by cleaning up Canberra’s murky dealings

Scott Morrison needs to pull a policy rabbit out of a hat and he needs to do it quickly. At best, he has eight months to convince a sceptical public the Coalition can be trusted to run the country. But fortunately for the new PM, there is a bunny in plain sight. Policies to improve our political institutions are popular with the public, cost next to nothing and would enhance the quality of Australian government.