3 July 2013

Why the health system should take a lesson from 20 years ago

The Kennett Government’s hospital funding reforms showed that access to care can survive tough budget cuts. The story is worth retelling today.

30 May 2013

How to drive the health dollar further

Grattan Institute’s Health Program Director Stephen Duckett joins an Australian Financial Review roundtable on the future of our health system.

24 April 2013

Tough choices: how to rein in our rising health bill

With spending on health increasing much faster than GDP, it’s time to make the system more efficient.

26 February 2013

One more round won and lost in the health blame game

Stephen Duckett explains the latest battle between the Commonwealth and the states over hospital funding.

1 February 2013

Canberra revives the blame game

The Commonwealth has summarily cut $400 million from state health budgets. No wonder states are crying foul.

4 October 2010

Our health system still needs change

28 May 2010

Submission to senate standing committee

25 May 2010

Australia’s health system is ailing

31 March 2010

Ailing health system needs Rudd’s reforms