19 May 2019

Health: key challenges for the re-elected Coalition Government

High on Minister Greg Hunt’s agenda will be the unmentionables – all the things the Coalition avoided talking about in the campaign but which nevertheless loom as challenges in health policy.

29 April 2019

Private health cover is in a death spiral

Not enough young people want to cross-subsidise the care of older private health customers. That adds up to big trouble.

28 April 2019

What does a good cataract service look like?

There is huge variation in the rate of cataract procedures across Australia. Exactly why is unclear, but one way of reducing the variation is to hold hospitals and day procedure centres accountable for their performance.

16 April 2019

Here’s why elections are bad times for hospital planning

The major parties have made big promises in their health campaigns. This may play well locally but has its problems.

15 April 2019

As Mediscare 2.0 takes centre stage, here’s what you need to know about hospital ‘cuts’ and cancer funding

Health is proving a bone of contention in the 2019 election campaign. Labor has positioned health as a key point of difference, and the Coalition is arguing that Labor’s promises are untrue in one case and underfunded in another. This cheat sheet will help you sort fact from fiction in two key health policy areas: public hospital funding and cancer care.

9 April 2019

The federal Coalition’s report card on health: some passes, too many fails

The Turnbull/Morrison Government has a mixed record, at best. Its pharmaceutical reforms are a success story, but public hospitals funding has been a failure.

2 April 2019

Budget 2019: Support for aged and disability care

The budget has short-term measures to address major issues in aged and disability care, but Australians will have to wait for the royal commissions to fix the long-term problems.

2 April 2019

Budget 2019: A hesitant step forward for Medicare

Medicare funding is slowly creeping into the 21st century. The 19th-century model of individual fees for individual services is being supplemented with a new fee to better manage the care of people with diabetes.

22 March 2019

Filling the dental gap

Universal dental care is a big idea whose time has come. Australians — regardless of their income — can get medical care when they need it. They should be able to get dental care, too, without financial barriers.

18 March 2019

Two million Australians delay or don’t go to the dentist – here’s how we can fix that

Medicare is widely embraced as the central pillar of Australia’s health system. There is no logical reason this coverage should not be extended to oral health.