28 December 2020

Australia’s aged care industry needs to be rebuilt from the ground up

The question looming over Australia’s aged care system is whether, in real estate parlance, it’s a renovator’s opportunity, or whether a complete rebuild is required.

16 December 2020

The extra money for aged care is welcome, but not enough

The Federal Government must do more than dribble out new home-care packages. It needs to fundamentally transform the system.

7 December 2020

How to build a carbon-neutral healthcare system

Climate change harms human health. The health sector needs to do more to confront this reality, and to reduce carbon emissions that are causing global warming.

6 December 2020

Climate change is already doing its deadly work. And there is worse to come.

In 2020, with strong leadership and evidence-based decision-making, Australia had remarkable success in confronting COVID-19. Now we must do it again.

6 December 2020

Climate change is happening now. It is damaging our health now. It requires action now.

Some politicians and media outlets suggest global warming is somehow controversial. But polls consistently show that Australians get it.

30 November 2020

A new governance approach to aged care

The current, overly centralised system has failed to prevent the abuse and neglect of older Australians. There is a better way.

29 November 2020

Three ways to transform our Soviet-style aged care mess

Australia can have a rights-based system that would empower older Australians to get the support they need to be independent and engaged in the community for as long as possible. Here’s how.

29 November 2020

Better aged care through individual service agreements

Even in ‘good’ residential care homes, the physical environment, meals, social relationships, and recreational activities are highly institutionalised. Not surprisingly, almost no one wants to go there.

19 November 2020

More expensive but less effective: the US healthcare system explained

Americans are suffering and dying because of a terrible trifecta: a weak health system, a national individualistic orientation, and a COVID-denying president.

16 November 2020

The COVID crisis must prompt governments to reset their health systems

Victoria was ill-equipped when the pandemic struck. Here’s how next week’s state budget can start to put things right.