26 April 2021

The critics are wrong: Australia needs a universal aged care system

Australians take pride in their universal health system, Medicare. Imagine creating an aged care system in which Australians could also take pride.

20 April 2021

The top four agenda items for the PM’s COVID vaccine war cabinet

The creation of the war cabinet provides an opportunity to reset the vaccination strategy, involve the states, and rebuild public confidence. Here’s how it can be done.

20 April 2021

Let’s put our money where our heart is on aged care

Pre-Budget leaks suggest the Government will boost funding by $10 billion over the next four years. That would be a start, but nowhere near enough. Our calculations show about four times that amount is needed to fix the broken system.

19 April 2021

Time to stop talking about aged care and start fixing it

As the Federal Government contemplates reform after the damning final report of the Aged Care Royal Commission, we identify four key criteria for transformational change.

7 April 2021

The vaccine rollout: going well according to which plan?

It’s time for the Government to level with Australians, so we can better understand what the plan is and whether everything really is going to plan.

1 April 2021

Four ways Australia’s COVID vaccine rollout has been bungled

So far, not so good. Here’s what the Federal Government should do now to rescue the rollout.

1 April 2021

The floods are a deadly reminder of the rising threat of climate change

For the sake of our health as well as our environment and economy, governments must do more to prepare for climate-related natural disasters.

23 March 2021

Vaccine rollout: a little less hype, a little more action please

The clock is ticking. Every day’s delay adds to risk. GP frustration has hit astronomical levels. The Federal Government needs to lift its game.

18 March 2021

Australians needs transparency on when international borders might reopen

The Government should specify the criteria for reopening, to give Australians some certainty about what their travel future will look like.

2 March 2021

The Morrison Government must not take the easy out on aged care

The PM and his ministers should not hide behind the Royal Commission’s indecision. Australians should demand that they finally fix this broken system.