21 November 2019

You can review an airline, so why not a hospital? It’s time for health sector scorecards

Why don’t we have something like TripAdvisor when it comes to healthcare in Australia? Despite long waiting lists and high rates of complications, the health sector continues to lag behind other industries in providing public information about its performance.

14 November 2019

Why private health cover is bleeding to death

It’s wrapped in red tape, and young people don’t regard it as value for money. Without urgent reform the industry’s death spiral will continue.

7 November 2019

Private health insurers should start paying for hospital-type care at home

The public health system has already expanded its alternatives to hospital inpatient care. It’s time for the private system to do the same.

29 October 2019

How to improve car insurance: lessons from private health insurance

Car insurance obviously needs reform and can learn from how private health insurance operates. The car insurance market doesn’t give consumers enough choice, or the thrill of the unexpected. So here’s a four-part proposal to improve car insurance.

10 October 2019

Time to kill the private health insurance zombies

Two zombie policies stalk the private health policy world: a ‘Hospital Benefits Schedule’ and ‘Medicare Select’. Here’s why both should have been put to rest long ago.

8 October 2019

A bigger cash handout is not the answer for private health insurance woes

It’s time for the private health industry to grow up and tackle its problems itself, instead of deflecting the blame.

6 August 2019

One way to cut private health insurance costs

Health insurance costs are rising and the cost of prostheses such as hip replacements are partly to blame. But there is a way to rein in costs – and give patients more choice and better devices.

16 July 2019

Why private health insurance needs a rethink

Policy makers cannot develop good policies on private health insurance unless they are clear about what the industry is about and how it works alongside Medicare. Grattan’s new working paper is designed to start that conversation.

11 July 2019

Can private health insurance escape the jaws of death?

Australia’s policy on private health insurance is a muddle. Our political leaders need to confront a fundamental question: how does private health insurance fit with public health insurance (Medicare)?

5 July 2019

Why primary care reform is so hard

Primary care was barely discussed in the 2019 federal election campaign. Reform is needed, but it’s difficult. Here’s why.