25 November 2013

Submission from Grattan Institute Health Program Director to the National Commission of Audit

In a submission to the Commonwealth Government Commission of Audit, Grattan Institute’s Health Program Director Dr Stephen Duckett, proposes a series of measures for getting more value out of Commonwealth health spending, while maintaining the quality of patient care.

25 October 2013

Cheaper PBS drugs could save us billions

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing areas of government spending and is a legitimate target for scrutiny in tough times.

30 September 2013

Access all areas: Time for a new solution to primary care access for rural Australians

How hard it is to see a GP – and how much it will cost you – depends on where you live. In the places with the fewest GP services per person, patients are more than twice as likely to pay out-of-pocket costs. That is one reason why people in very remote areas are much more likely not to see a doctor about their health problem.

29 September 2013

Waiting for action on access to GPs in rural Australia

A new Grattan Institute report released today, Access all areas, tells a mixed story about Australians’ access to general practitioners (GPs). The good news is access is getting better in many parts of Australia. The bad news is the progress is slowest where it’s needed most.

10 September 2013

Health policy – bland is best?

Bipartisan health platform left no room for policy in the 2013 federal election campaign.

8 September 2013

Election 2013 results: what’s in store for health?

Australia has elected a Coalition government. So what will this mean for key policy areas?

27 August 2013

Health debate echoes past and lacks vision

Stephen Duckett gives a summary of the steady-as-she-goes debate between minister for health Tanya Plibersek and shadow minister Peter Dutton.

27 August 2013

The poor health indicators of our current campaign

There are big issues to be resolved in health policy, but our leaders are not discussing them.

19 August 2013

Wanted: a new way to pick medical interns

Australia has more would-be medical interns than places. Whether candidates come from home or overseas, it is time to choose them on the basis of merit.

12 August 2013

Why health, sadly, is not an election issue

Health is off the election radar yet Australians are spending more on it than ever. We need a major debate on how costs can be contained while maintaining a high-quality system.