30 September 2020

How to fix aged care

After the horror stories from the Royal Commission and the tragedies of the COVID crisis, the federal Budget should feature an aged-care trifecta: expansion of home care, greater transparency, and a rescue package.

28 September 2020

Melbourne inches towards the end of lockdown

The Victorian Government will now rely predominantly on epidemiological thresholds rather than dates to guide it on when to ease COVID-19 restrictions. It’s the right move, given the ultimate goal is zero active cases.

8 September 2020

The PM is wrong: aged care should not be ‘pre-palliative care’

If we are serious about older Australians’ rights, we need to stop describing residential care as a place we ‘put’ people while we wait for them to die.

9 August 2020

Victoria’s daily COVID reporting is hopelessly inadequate

What the public is told each day is a selected subset of the data being used to manage the pandemic. The Government does not disclose information it is using to track progress of COVID-19. Instead, it uses this additional information to massage its message.

24 July 2020

Questions of governance: reflections from a primary health network

A board with the appropriate mix of generic skills, industry experience, and diversity will lead to better governance of not-for-profit organisations, and through that, better outcomes.

13 July 2020

Intensive care beds: Stephen Duckett responds to Health Minister Greg Hunt

After our warnings in March, governments changed policies and intensive care units were not overwhelmed. We chalked that up as contributing to a good outcome.

4 June 2020

Governance lessons for Australia from COVID-19

The pandemic transformed Australia’s health system as new ways of working were implemented with unbelievable speed. The big question now is, can we lock-in reforms that benefit patients and taxpayers?

28 April 2020

What Canada could learn from Australia’s health system

As the Canadians consider revamping their health system, they could take important lessons from the complicated interplay between the public and private sectors in the Australian system.

15 April 2020

COVID-19: There are only two options from here. One is more deadly

The ‘flatten the curve’ approach is actually a ‘herd immunity’ strategy. About 10,000 to 15,000 Australians would have foreshortened lives under this strategy.

14 April 2020

What now? It depends on the chance of an effective coronavirus vaccine

Australia is about to make a fateful decision on COVID-19. Here’s what our policy makers should be weighing up.