27 August 2013

Health debate echoes past and lacks vision

Stephen Duckett gives a summary of the steady-as-she-goes debate between minister for health Tanya Plibersek and shadow minister Peter Dutton.

27 August 2013

The poor health indicators of our current campaign

There are big issues to be resolved in health policy, but our leaders are not discussing them.

19 August 2013

Wanted: a new way to pick medical interns

Australia has more would-be medical interns than places. Whether candidates come from home or overseas, it is time to choose them on the basis of merit.

12 August 2013

Why health, sadly, is not an election issue

Health is off the election radar yet Australians are spending more on it than ever. We need a major debate on how costs can be contained while maintaining a high-quality system.

30 July 2013

Public-private hospital partnerships are risky business

Building hospitals with a mix of public and private money is back in vogue but be warned: such partnerships have a high failure rate, have uncertain efficiency benefits, and create a risk to democratic accountability.

30 July 2013

Do foreign medical graduates get priority over Australian doctors?

The head of the Australian Medical Association is right that in some states, international medical graduates take preference over some doctors from interstate. But it’s not the full picture.

22 July 2013

Parties lack vision on health policy

For once, health will not be a big election issue. That’s a shame, because there are big things that need doing.

3 July 2013

Why the health system should take a lesson from 20 years ago

The Kennett Government’s hospital funding reforms showed that access to care can survive tough budget cuts. The story is worth retelling today.

30 May 2013

How to drive the health dollar further

Grattan Institute’s Health Program Director Stephen Duckett joins an Australian Financial Review roundtable on the future of our health system.

14 May 2013

Why expanding our breast screening program makes economic sense

Health Minister Plibersek has done well in expanding the breast screening program. But she could have gone further.