13 November 2012

Why the medical intern crisis needs a new approach

This year about half the graduating international students looking for jobs as medical interns won’t find them. Simply funding more positions is not the answer.

12 September 2012

Leading health thinker to run new Grattan Institute program

Grattan Institute is delighted to announce the establishment of a program in health policy, to be run by one of Australia’s leading thinkers in the field, Stephen Duckett.

4 October 2010

Our health system still needs change

22 July 2010

We need more doctors in the house

28 May 2010

Submission to senate standing committee

25 May 2010

Australia’s health system is ailing

31 March 2010

Ailing health system needs Rudd’s reforms

30 November 2009

Decision time for public hospitals

1 October 2009

National plan for health clusters