28 February 2019

Is it time to ditch the private health insurance rebate?

Australians feel pressured to take out private health insurance because of the sticks, but the product is only sustainable with its current level of coverage because of the carrots: the hefty public subsidies.

17 February 2019

Pathos, death talk and palliative care in the assisted dying debate

Proponents of assisted dying can learn from the debate in Victoria. Emotional arguments played a significant role in persuading Victorian lawmakers to support assisted dying legislation, writes Grattan’s Stephen Duckett in this review of submissions to the Legislative Council inquiry into end-of-life care.

13 February 2019

Across the great divide: health in rural Victoria

It’s an indictment of all Australians that the health status of aboriginal people is so poor, Stephen Duckett argues in the Inaugural Violet Marshman Oration. We need to give Indigenous communities more authority to manage their own health services.

14 December 2018

Morrison’s health handout is bad policy (but might be good politics)

The PM’s $1.25 billion Community Health and Hospitals Program is a policy fail. It sets back Commonwealth-state relations by decades; it’s unclear exactly how much money will actually be provided; and it appears designed to shore up support in marginal seats.

29 November 2018

How the states can keep people out of hospital and still get their fair share of funding

Memo to the state and territory governments: you can keep people out of hospital and still get your fair share of activity based funding from the Commonwealth. Here’s how …

11 November 2018

The tooth hurts but Victoria’s public dental system is broken

Our dental care system is not working for a lot of Victorians. More than half a million Victorians say that the cost of dental care stopped them from getting care when they needed it in the past 12 months.

7 November 2018

What can we learn from Australia’s My Health Record experience?

Australia’s My Health Record initiative is big on vision, but has stalled in the implementation phase. Facing public distrust over data privacy, what can the program tell us about the opportunities and challenges of implementing an electronic health record in a complex healthcare market?

30 October 2018

Waiting for better care

Australia has a good health system by international standards, but it has to get better. Half of all patients across Australia wait more than a month for an elective hospital procedure, such as a hip replacement. This is in addition to waiting for an outpatient visit so they can be added to the elective procedure wait list.

24 August 2018

A hospital win-win: improving care and saving money

Every day we hear stories about innovation in health care – new drugs, new machines and new tests that will help us live longer. We have got used to thinking that any improvements in health care will come at a price – often a big one, given the years of development and testing needed to bring the innovation to market.

20 August 2018

Better ways to improve hospital safety

Complications can cause extra pain and suffering for hospital patients. But complications also cost the health system money. In this presentation, Grattan Institute’s Stephen Duckett identifies policy reforms that could improve patient care and boost the bottom line at the same time.