19 September 2018

Demand-driven funding not perfect, but it’s adaptable

The past five years have not been good for early career graduates in Australia. Professional employment rates and earnings are down in many disciplines. The higher education system’s reaction to these trends shows the strengths and weaknesses of the demand-driven funding system the ­Coalition ended and Labor promises to restore.

16 September 2018

Ad hoc ministerial decision making in education jeopardises private sector competition

Ripples are still spreading from the widely rorted VET FEE-HELP scheme, even though it ended in 2016. Fearing similar scandals in higher education, the government has imposed tough new rules for private higher education providers that risk undermining the alternative they offer to the public universities.

16 September 2018

Good news and bad news for the women of Australia

The good news for the women of Australia is that the gender pay gap is narrowing. The bad news is that the gap between what men and women earn – per hour and over a career – is still there and it’s still big.

5 September 2018

To fix higher education funding, we also need to fix vocational education

The policy status quo of capped higher education funding and a funding bias against vocational education will not serve us well. With restored demand driven funding and changes to vocational education, the tertiary education system would do a better job of matching students with the courses that maximise their long-term employment outcomes.

30 May 2018

University admission: ATAR best guide to student performance

Forget what you may have heard recently: ATAR is not on its way out. The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank is still a used and useful tool for universities and for school students considering higher education.

25 May 2018

Scrapping selective admissions would only postpone the inevitable

For all the criticism it gets, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank remains a cheap and efficient selection system that plausibly links entry criteria to academic outcomes.

14 May 2018

To avoid uni drop outs, vocational ed needs a boost

For universities, budget week brought bigger news from the opposition than the government. Bill Shorten committed Labor to restoring the demand-driven funding system. If Labor wins the next election, public universities could again enrol unlimited numbers of domestic bachelor degree students.

8 May 2018

Budget 2018: what’s in store for education

The long aftermath of the VET FEE-HELP loan fiasco is still being felt in the 2018-19 Budget. The government is planning to spend A$36.2M over fours years for a new IT system to ensure compliance in the replacement VET Student Loans program.

2 May 2018

Part-timers at greatest risk of failing to complete their studies

There has been controversy raging over the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank for several weeks while a larger problem with university admissions, that of part-time study, is hardly mentioned.

4 April 2018

Submission on Redevelopment and Audit of the Higher Education Data Collection

The federal Department of Education and Training is looking to improve the quality and relevance of higher education student statistics. In this submission to the department’s discussion paper, Grattan’s Andrew Norton and Ittima Cherastidtham call on the Government to establish a universal identifier for post-secondary students.

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