14 August 2019

The rewards of vocational education need to be better known

Prime Minister Scott Morrison may have declared that ‘TAFE is as good as university’, but Australia is a long way from having policies that support students equitably across the tertiary education system.

12 August 2019

Uni versus TAFE: the gender divide

Students with lower ATARs generally have lower lifetime earnings. But men with lower ATARs could earn more doing a vocational education course than a bachelor degree in their chosen field.

17 June 2019

More students are going to uni than before, but those at risk of dropping out need more help

Practical measures are needed to preserve the benefits of expanded access to higher education, while reducing its costs and risks. They are worth doing whether we keep current government controls on enrolment expansion or go back to the demand-driven system.

29 May 2019

After the surprise election result, it’s time for pragmatic thinking on higher education policy

Current policy is not serving anyone’s best interests. Universities are unhappy about declining real funding and a diminished capacity to meet student, employer and community needs. In coming years, school-leavers and their parents will be angry about reduced higher education opportunities. And the Government is left with a policy outcome it did not want and that will cause increasing political problems.

21 May 2019

Higher Education: key challenges for the re-elected Coalition Government

Current higher education policy can’t meet Australia’s future needs. Fortunately, there are ways to improve policy without a high cost to the Budget.

8 May 2019

Are international students passing university courses at the same rate as domestic students?

Many are concerned that universities are not maintaining standards as the numbers of international students increase rapidly. The pass rates of domestic and international undergraduate students aren’t much different, but the gap is starting to widen.

2 May 2019

Why Australia should revert to demand-driven funding of universities

The capacity of demand-driven funding to manage micro-level changes, as well as bigger population trends, makes it superior to a block-grant system.

11 April 2019

Return of demand-driven funding in Australia could come with strings

A Labor victory in May’s election could still see funding conditional on universities’ employability, diversity or research records.

10 April 2019

On higher education, Election 2019 offers voters a real choice

It’s the sharpest policy divide for decades. The Coalition offers flat funding and policy tinkering. Labor promises restored demand-driven funding and a major post-secondary education review.

11 January 2019

Graduate employment is up, but finding a job can still take a while

Four years on from the worst new graduate employment outcomes ever, the 2018 statistics released today show cause for optimism. Although full-time employment rates remain well down on a decade ago, they are improving.