28 February 2012

More women, more students, more diversity

Higher education is in the midst of profound change, bringing us closer to a market in higher education than at any time in Australia’s history.

24 January 2012

The rights of international students

What entitlements should be available to non-citizens with long-term but temporary residence rights?

14 December 2011

Subsidy review plan neither fair nor enticing

The latest review of university funding has not found a convincing basis for allocating higher education tuition subsidies.

8 November 2011

Filling the university information gap

A report by Victoria’s Ombudsman finds problems in the way universities admit and assess international students. The collection of more independent information about student performance will be an important first step in tackling these problems.

12 October 2011

The rise of university rankings

Australian universities hope to improve their positions in world university rankings. But if only research output is considered, students may pay the price.

6 September 2011

The university gender gap

Women are becoming the dominant sex in universities thanks to rising enrolments, but men may have nothing to worry about.

11 July 2011

Higher education specialist appointed to key post

18 March 2011

New program for Grattan Institute