4 May 2016

Budget offers more questions than answers

There’s one thing we can say for sure about higher education policy for the next 12 months: no matter which party wins the election, there will be more consultations and reviews.

3 March 2016

Should we scrap the ATAR? What are the alternative options? Experts comment

The value of the ATAR is being called into question. But is scrapping the ATAR the answer? The Conversation speaks to experts from across the sector to debate how best to select students. Read Andrew Norton’s response.

6 October 2015

The uni reform plan that was never sold on merit

Fee deregulation let Labor run a campaign against “$100,000 degrees”, a notion the government needs to discredit before the 2016 election. It needs positive reasons for change that were hard to find during the 2014 fees debate.

10 September 2015

Markets in education

Markets matter in school and higher education but they must be well designed, with government subsidies accompanied by tight controls on quality and transparent student outcomes.

30 August 2015

The price of prestige: how university status affects fees

Looking at deregulated markets provides some insight into both how universities behave when allowed to set their own fees, and how students react to those fees.

26 August 2015

How does your choice of university affect your future?

Last year’s graduate labour market was the toughest on record. No student can do much about total enrolments or the overall number of jobs. But they can possibly improve their own career prospects.

28 May 2015

Keeping public priorities in public universities

Changes over the last 25 years have helped give students and applied research a higher priority than they would otherwise have received. Policy has helped keep the “public” in public university.

20 May 2015

STEM the wasteful write-offs

Labor plans to write off the HELP debts of STEM graduates, but they neglect to provide any evidence that these enrolments even require further encouragement. The policy stands to be more wasteful and risky than helpful.

5 May 2015

Collecting student loans from overseas debtors just a start

Ending the debt write-off at death is the reform that is most needed to ensure our student loan scheme remains viable.

15 April 2015

Tackling doubtful debt: How to keep the student loan scheme viable

The recent university deregulation bill may be unpopular but it includes important measures to address serious budget pressures.

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