25 September 2020

The Treasurer should aim higher on employment

Taking the foot off the economic accelerator when unemployment falls to 6 per cent would condemn Australia to a long and slow recovery.

23 September 2020

Housing vulnerable Australians means making tough choices

The housing affordability crisis is widening the gap between rich and poor. Here’s what the Federal Government and the states should do to ensure the poor have a roof over their head.

16 September 2020

Governments need to spend big to hasten recovery

The road out of the COVID recession will be long and hard unless governments quickly inject extra stimulus

9 September 2020

Australia needs to spend big on stimulus

Unless we get unemployment down quickly, young Australians will wear the scars of the COVID recession for a decade. Here’s how to do it.

12 August 2020

There’s a lot more to retirement incomes than super

An unbalanced retirement incomes debate can lead to poor policy choices.
For example, an excessive focus on superannuation has distorted the ways
in which we try to reduce poverty among retirees.

10 August 2020

The RBA should come off the sidelines and play an unconventional game

In response to the COVID recession, the Bank should consider negative interest rates, and purchasing a broader range of financial assets beyond three-year government bonds.

3 August 2020

Australia won’t recover unless Victoria does too

The Federal Government must provide more support to ensure as many Victorian businesses and households as possible survive the state’s Stage 4 lockdown.

22 July 2020

How to get both JobKeeper and JobSeeker

Treasury expects 1.5 million people to be on JobSeeker by the end of the year, and about 245,000 to receive both JobSeeker and JobKeeper. That will leave about 1.25 million to get by on the lower JobSeeker alone.

21 July 2020

Why JobSeeker should be raised permanently

A $100-a-week rise is not extravagant. It would still leave Australia’s unemployment benefit as one of the lowest in the OECD.

29 June 2020

How to get Australians back to work

A return to ‘full employment’ by mid-2022 will require an extra $70 billion to $90 billion of economic stimulus.