29 June 2020

How to get Australians back to work

A return to ‘full employment’ by mid-2022 will require an extra $70 billion to $90 billion of economic stimulus.

4 June 2020

The PM’s HomeBuilder scheme is classic retail politics but lousy economics

Funding new or refurbished social housing would be a better way to support construction jobs and stimulate the economy — and it would help some of Australia’s most vulnerable.

1 June 2020

Money for social housing, not home buyers grants, is the key to construction stimulus

Funding social housing won’t provide windfalls for developers. But it will keep construction workers on the job and help some of Australia’s most vulnerable.

29 May 2020

Unaffordable housing is the biggest threat to a comfortable retirement

Most Australians are comfortable in retirement, provided they own their homes. But we’re failing retirees who rent.

8 March 2020

Higher super means a needless cut in working pay

Should you be worried about your retirement? The superannuation lobby wants you to be. But the evidence tells another, more comforting story.

24 November 2019

Super: you can have too much of a good thing

Higher compulsory superannuation wouldn’t tackle the biggest challenge facing our retirement incomes system: retirees who rent. They are at severe risk of poverty because rent assistance is inadequate.

19 September 2019

If we believe in the fair go, we have to tackle housing

Rising house prices have increased wealth inequality in Australia. Policy makers need a clearer view on how to make housing more affordable. Here are some suggestions.

9 September 2019

How a rental scheme for poorer Australians became a $1b windfall for developers and investors

The Rudd government’s National Rental Affordability Scheme was expensive, inefficient, and poorly targeted. There are better ways to help poor people into housing.

5 August 2019

On any view, the case for higher compulsory super hasn’t been made

At the heart of the debate over higher compulsory superannuation sit big trade-offs that are too rarely acknowledged. Grattan’s work on retirement incomes shows that raising compulsory super would be bad for workers, pensioners, and taxpayers.

22 July 2019

The case for higher compulsory super hasn’t been made

The response from Australia’s peak superannuation lobbies to our latest research has been predictable, disappointing — and wrong.