30 September 2015

Five reasons the Turnbull government shouldn’t let us spend super on a home

Allowing first homebuyers to cash out their super to buy a home is a seductive idea. But the change would worsen housing affordability, leave many people with less to retire on, and cost taxpayers in the long run.

27 September 2015

Super tax breaks: stop subsidising rich retirees

Superannuation tax breaks allow many to pay less tax on their savings than the personal income tax scales indicate. But are these concessions actually encouraging those on high incomes to save?

20 July 2015

Property levy the most efficient tax for states

When premiers sit down with the Prime Minister to discuss state funding at the special Council of Australian Governments retreat on Wednesday, they should take a lead from the cyclists slogging it out in the Alps in the Tour de France. With the commonwealth and states facing acute and worsening budget pressures, all governments are going to have to work a lot harder.

15 July 2015

Property taxes can fix state budgets

Hoping for the best is not a strategy: it simply shifts the costs and risk of budget repair onto future generations. States need to take action to repair their budgets.

3 July 2015

Rent rise fears are overstated

Last weekend the Property Council and the Real Estate Institute of Australia released a consultants’ report that tried to show renters would pay much more if generous tax concessions to landlords were wound back.

10 June 2015

Effective competition would cut costs in superannuation

Super fund executives may be right when they argue they are furiously competing, but that does not mean the industry is delivering efficient outcomes. Policymakers need to focus on the quality of competition, not its intensity.

23 April 2015

Labor’s superannuation tax policy needs more bite

Labor’s proposals to rein in superannuation concessions is a step in the right direction but what it leaves is still far too generous.

19 April 2015

Superannuation tender process would help savers

There are too many funds and too many accounts in an industry where the costs are too high. A price-based tender in default super would help rationalise the system. The time to create a fairer and more efficient super system is now.

8 December 2014

Retirement incomes will soar, but only if government acts

There is excellent news for Australia’s 14 million super account holders in David Murray’s financial system inquiry report – but only if government seizes the opportunity.

3 September 2014

Government needs a super long-term strategy

Postponing an increase in compulsory superannuation will help the budget this decade, but will create longer-term problems in retirement savings.