4 February 2019

Why the federal government’s new integrity commission isn’t up to the job

The Federal Government’s initial proposal for a Commonwealth Integrity Commission is light on powers and resources, and unlikely to weed out corruption and serious misconduct. Here’s how the Government should fix it before putting the proposal to parliament.

1 February 2019

Tasmania’s gambling election shows Australia needs tougher rules on money in politics

The latest Commonwealth donations data release is a stark reminder of the deep flaws in our political donations system. The rules need to be changed, for the sake of our democracy.

1 February 2019

The proposed federal corruption watchdog needs more teeth

The Federal Government’s proposal to establish a Commonwealth Integrity Commission is an important and timely initiative. But as this Grattan Institute submission shows, the CIC will need more powers and resources than currently proposed if it is to be effective at weeding out corruption and serious misconduct.

2 November 2018

States and territories have improved integrity measures, but Commonwealth lags far behind

When it comes to cleaning up Australian politics, some states are doing much better than others – and almost all are showing up the Commonwealth government.

31 October 2018

Just take a look around to see the state you’re in

State government often seems the poor relation of federal politics. But many of the things people care about most are the stuff of state government: housing, transport, school education and hospitals.

29 October 2018

State Orange Book 2018: State governments matter, vote wisely

Voters in Victoria go to the polls within weeks; in New South Wales within months. State policy has rarely been more important. But what should the priorities be, not only for the governments in Australia’s two biggest states, but also for the other states whose elections are further away?

18 October 2018

How to fight the battle for gender equality

The battle for gender equality needs to be fought on several fronts. In particular we should all look to the division of labour in our home – because the amount of time we spend washing dishes or doing school runs might be the key to unlocking Australia’s great untapped resource: women’s workforce participation.

23 September 2018

Morrison can get a quick win by cleaning up Canberra’s murky dealings

Scott Morrison needs to pull a policy rabbit out of a hat and he needs to do it quickly. At best, he has eight months to convince a sceptical public the Coalition can be trusted to run the country. But fortunately for the new PM, there is a bunny in plain sight. Policies to improve our political institutions are popular with the public, cost next to nothing and would enhance the quality of Australian government.

23 September 2018

Influence in Australian politics needs an urgent overhaul – here’s how to do it

Public policy should be made for all Australians – not just those with the resources or connections to lobby and influence politicians. And mostly it is. But sometimes bad policy is made or good policy is dropped because powerful groups have more say and sway than they should.

30 August 2018

Australia Demonstrates the Rise of Populism is About More than Economics

Votes for established centre‐right and centre‐left political parties are falling across the developed world. Australia is not immune from this trend: in the 2016 federal election, more people voted for minor parties than at any point since the Second World War.