1 February 2021

More than half of funding for the major parties remains secret — and this is how they want it

Political parties in Australia collectively received $168 million in donations in the last financial year. But more than half remains hidden from public view.

10 November 2019

A simple reform to improve our democracy

Putting a cap on the amount of money that parties can spend during election campaigns would reduce the ‘arms race’ for donations and help restore trust in politics.

7 November 2019

How money is influencing Australian politics

The latest political donations disclosures tell us a lot about the capacity of independents to be a force for change. But it’s far from the full story.

23 May 2019

Self-interest didn’t swing the election results, but the scare campaign did

Labor’s chances in the 2019 federal election were not sunk by self-funded retirees, but by the very voters who would have been least affected by the ALP’s tax policies.

30 April 2019

More grey tsunami than youthquake

Australia’s voter base – like its general population – is ageing, and political parties need to be mindful of that in shaping policy.

29 March 2019

How federal politicians can regain their integrity

Australians are losing faith in politicians, politics and even democracy itself. Whether MPs deserve this cynicism and suspicion is almost beside the point; they need to act to win back the trust of the people. Here’s what they should do.

4 February 2019

Why the federal government’s new integrity commission isn’t up to the job

The Federal Government’s initial proposal for a Commonwealth Integrity Commission is light on powers and resources, and unlikely to weed out corruption and serious misconduct. Here’s how the Government should fix it before putting the proposal to parliament.

1 February 2019

Tasmania’s gambling election shows Australia needs tougher rules on money in politics

The latest Commonwealth donations data release is a stark reminder of the deep flaws in our political donations system. The rules need to be changed, for the sake of our democracy.

2 November 2018

States and territories have improved integrity measures, but Commonwealth lags far behind

When it comes to cleaning up Australian politics, some states are doing much better than others – and almost all are showing up the Commonwealth government.

31 October 2018

Just take a look around to see the state you’re in

State government often seems the poor relation of federal politics. But many of the things people care about most are the stuff of state government: housing, transport, school education and hospitals.