18 September 2013

Evolutionary change needed in higher education

Tony Abbott promised policy stability in higher education. Some modest reforms would help higher education institutions adapt to changes already underway.

5 August 2013

Australia joins the online learning rush

Free online learning is changing global higher education, and Australia has just logged on.

27 May 2013

Online study is an evolution, not revolution

Online learning is growing faster in the US than in Australia. But the boom is on its way.

24 April 2013

Why change on our campuses is evolutionary not revolutionary

A new book explains the implications of technological change for Australian higher education.

9 April 2013

Too much red tape could strangle online learning

Government regulations are getting in the way of giving prospective online students a great education.

2 October 2012

How online education will change the way we learn

Massive online open courses challenge the view that on-campus study is always best.

1 October 2012

Online education: don’t believe the hype

Nearly two million students have begun taking free online courses in the past two years. But traditional universities should not be troubled.

20 July 2012

When online courses are free, what can universities sell?

Some of the world’s most prestigious universities are putting their courses online for free. Australian universities should be alert, but not alarmed.