7 May 2019

Election 2019 offers voters starkly contrasting approaches to health policy

Labor is front-footing health, fitting neatly into its overall campaign meme of addressing cost of living pressures. The Liberals are using re-announcements of previous commitments and an innovative personalisation of the benefit of new drugs to present their health credentials.

24 July 2018

Queensland needs to cut pharmacy red tape

The current legislation governing pharmacy ownership in Queensland is more effective in protecting the commercial interests of pharmacy owners than in serving the public interest. Improvements should be made to ensure cost-efficient, high-quality care is available to all consumers.

8 May 2018

Turnbull government backs pharmacies over consumers, yet again

The government has totally squibbed the latest pharmacy regulation review, and consumers will be the losers. Every five to 10 years in Australia, the government establishes a review of the regulations governing pharmacies. Those reviews invariably come to the same conclusion: community pharmacy is over-regulated, and a reduction in regulation would benefit consumers. Just as invariably, the government response is to do nothing.

25 October 2017

Pharmacy red tape should be cut: submission to Senate Select Committee

Excessive pharmacy red tape is bad for consumers. The existing red tape is designed principally to protect the interests of pharmacy owners, not consumers. Grattan Institute research and national audits suggest that the pharmacy industry has far too great an influence on its own regulation.

11 May 2017

Canada should take health care lessons from Australia

Canadians can learn from Australia’s health-care policies – both in terms of what to adapt and what to avoid. Public funding of pharmaceuticals, in-home care and efficiency in the hospital sector are the ares in which Canada should model itself off Australian policies.

31 March 2017

Different drugs, same benefits

Tomorrow’s drug price reductions are good news, but more can be done to control spending on pharmaceuticals. We need always to be on the lookout for chances to avoid unnecessary spending, rather than simply accepting whatever discounts we can wheedle out of drug manufacturers.

7 March 2017

Time to slay a pharmaceutical zombie

As other countries have shown, there are better ways to save half a billion each year in health spending.

6 March 2017

The role of pharmacists should be overhauled, taking the heat off GPs

Cutting a better drug deal, calls for a major shake-up of pharmacies and pharmaceutical pricing.

23 September 2016

Submission to Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation

Pharmacy regulation is overdue for reform. The government should revamp the rules relating to: the ownership and location of pharmacies; the health services that pharmacists provide; and the entities that receive funding under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. As Stephen Duckett and Danielle Romanes write in this submission, it’s time for action, not talk.

3 May 2016

Federal budget 2016: health experts react

For health care at least, this is a no surprises budget. Read Dr Stephen Duckett’s reaction to the budget’s initiatives for the health sector.