3 May 2016

Infographic: the size of Australia’s government

These eight charts show where Australia’s federal government spends money, and how this compares to other OECD countries.

16 May 2015

Budget analysis: Future taxpayers will pay the price

This budget is all about the short term. Meanwhile the real work of structural budget repair has been put off for at least another year, which just defers (and increases) the ultimate burden to be met by future taxpayers.

18 August 2014

New rules needed to make election promises more transparent

The Parliamentary Budget Office has done a good job providing public costings of political promises since it was established in 2012. But to be most effective, it needs to be able to release costings earlier in election campaigns.

19 September 2011

Inquiry won’t stop a changing world

In assessing the impact of the internet on newspapers, the Government’s media inquiry should consider if the best government response may be to do nothing at all.