22 May 2019

Policy priorities for the returned Morrison government

Scott Morrison did not promise big policy changes in the election campaign. But on several issues inaction will be politically unwise. Economic growth is slowing, private health insurance is in a death spiral, home ownership is falling and homelessness rising, and energy costs and emissions are too high.

11 May 2019

At this election, voters have a clear choice on the economy

Labor is throwing out the rule book. The Coalition is sticking to the usual script. The upshot is the most distinct choice in economic policy for more than two decades.

17 April 2019

What the election should be about: priorities for the next government

A federal election is an opportunity to take stock of how we are doing, where we are going, and what governments can do about it. Grattan’s new Commonwealth Orange Book 2019 sets out the reform priorities for the next government.

20 March 2017

Women are dropping out of economics, which means men are running our economy

The dearth of women in leadership positions raises a red flag for the quality of Australia’s economic decision-making. Too many “like” individuals reduces the range of perspectives informing decisions. It also means wasted talent: if you bench half your potential team then the one that takes to the field is probably not your strongest.

27 February 2017

What will it take to kickstart non-mining invesment?

The huge five-year fall in mining investment in Australia may be drawing to a close, but non-mining business investment remains close to 50 year-lows, as a share of GDP.

17 November 2016

Yes, you’re entitled to your opinion – but it helps if you’re a man

Newspaper opinion pages are a largely male affair. Poor representation on opinion pages means less scope for women to influence opinion and effect policy change.

11 July 2016

What the government should do now: economic growth

The Coalition has scraped into a second term. How credible is its economic growth program, and what else should it do to strengthen growth?

16 June 2016

Digital disruption: STEM graduates and more regulation not the answer

A complacent government could easily adopt a wait-and-see approach when it comes to the effects of technology on our economy, but a report from the Productivity Commission advocates what governments need to do to confront digital disruption – get out of its way.

9 June 2016

Election 2016: Childcare should be better for taxpayer and disadvantaged kids

Labor is offering to boost childcare subsidies to match the plan on offer from the Coalition. But are these offers just more middle-class welfare?

30 May 2016

The reforms we need to help Australia avoid economic stagnation

Australia’s economy has come back to earth after a wild ride through the mining boom but that does not mean we are destined to join the rest of the rich world’s economic malaise.