31 August 2011

A focus on learning will revitalise teaching

The idea that we must sack underperforming teachers focusses on appraising teachers rather than on improving student learning.

1 August 2011

Turn east and learn from the world’s best

6 July 2011

Declining student performance

It is difficult to determine which is worse, the declining performance of our students or the lack of a response to it.

23 March 2011

Asian languages matter

18 March 2011

My School 2.0 step in the right direction

4 March 2011

Finance data to help teachers

13 December 2010

Emerging economic powers’ school students setting global pace

17 November 2010

Teach teachers so students can learn

13 October 2010

Teachers key to learning

18 August 2010

Teacher quality key to better student performance and productivity