22 October 2018

ACT students are falling behind

Australia focuses heavily on school students’ achievement at a point in time. But the sad reality is that achievement tells us a lot about real estate values, and less about how to improve the school system. Student progress (i.e. student growth) gives a better indication of how much a student learns during their time in the classroom.

20 August 2018

The expensive truth about private schools and student learning

When Australian parents shell out fees to send their children to private schools, they like to think they’re getting many things for their money. So they may be surprised to learn that superior student growth in literacy and numeracy is not one of them.

21 March 2018

Using data to adapt and improve teaching practice

Education systems are awash with data. But how do teachers use data to improve their teaching? Big data can inform teaching, but small data drives learning. In this speech, Grattan’s Peter Goss argues for an adaptive education system, where central guidance and regional support help schools to make good local decisions.

26 November 2017

How to achieve excellence in Australian schools

Australia’s school education system is not fit for purpose, and we need to rethink the way we teach students, support teachers and run schools. The “Review to Achieve Excellence in Australian Schools”, led by David Gonski and due to report next March, offers a reform opportunity that must be seized.

5 October 2016

People pressure: Planning changes in your school population

Ensuring every school is a great school is the most important thing in both primary and secondary education. At the same time, there must be a school for every child to go to.

1 April 2016

Split funding idea for schools has big risks and few clear benefits

An innovative idea has been brought to the table; the federal government ceasing funding for public schools, but continuing to support non-government schools. Unfortunately, the fact that an idea is innovative does not make it worthwhile.

1 April 2016

Public vs private school funding a distraction from what matters

While streamlining accountability for government schools may have benefits, the proposal creates other problems. There are big risks in different levels of government supporting different school systems.

22 March 2016

NAPLAN analysis points out policy gaps

In practice, it is hard to compare different groups of students using the NAPLAN points scale. A new analysis of NAPLAN data suggests that students are falling much further behind than previously thought.

22 January 2016

Should you worry about a schools shortage? It really depends on where you live

As a current or prospective parent, whether you should worry about school shortages depends entirely on where you live. As a taxpayer, you should definitely worry about whether schools are being planned effectively.

21 September 2015

Grade repetition: there are better ways to move kids forward than by holding them back

When students are being left behind the solution presented is often to make them repeat a year level. The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that repetition should not be the default solution. What’s needed instead is a proactive educational approach.