21 September 2019

How policy makers should respond to Australia’s slowing economy

A panel of experts, including Grattan’s Brendan Coates, discuss whether the Reserve Bank of Australia is doing enough, and whether the Federal Government needs to do more, to stimulate our sluggish economy.

4 December 2017

Australia isn’t dominated by big businesses that gouge customers

When we see excessive spikes in fuel prices, rapid annual increases in health insurance premiums, and a confusing array of electricity options to choose from, it is easy to conclude that big companies are using their market power to gouge their customers. But the latest report from the Grattan Institute finds claims about Australia being dominated by oligopolies are overblown. Only about 15% of the economy is dominated by large firms.

18 May 2017

FactCheck: do Australian banks have double the return on equity of banks in other developed economies?

In its 2017 federal budget, the Australian government included a 0.06% levy on Australia’s biggest five banks that will collectively cost the banks A$1.6 billion a year. Many commentators have suggested this cost will be passed directly onto customers. However, Scott Morrison said the banks could absorb the cost of the levy, given the size of their profits. Is that right?

27 February 2017

Business investment is weak, but an unfunded company tax cut won’t fix it

Eight years after the global financial crisis (GFC), economic growth remains weak in many rich nations. Australia has been an exception to the malaise, but growth has slowed as the mining boom winds down.

27 February 2017

What will it take to kickstart non-mining invesment?

The huge five-year fall in mining investment in Australia may be drawing to a close, but non-mining business investment remains close to 50 year-lows, as a share of GDP.

30 May 2016

The reforms we need to help Australia avoid economic stagnation

Australia’s economy has come back to earth after a wild ride through the mining boom but that does not mean we are destined to join the rest of the rich world’s economic malaise.

15 February 2016

Australia is not Greece, but its economy is obese and unfit

Australians woke up to dire warnings this week about their economic future. Comparisons with Greece may be a little premature, but there is certainly hard work ahead for Australia’s economic managers.

15 December 2013

No quick fix for manufacturing

Propping up the car industry has been a bad deal for taxpayers. Government can play an important role supporting manufacturing but long-term productivity growth is the key.

12 December 2013

The float we had to have

Thirty years ago today, Australia floated the dollar. The decision paved the way for the economic reforms of the 1980s and ’90s and remains an indispensable piece of policy-making.

3 August 2013

How Western Australia frittered away its mining bonanza

A decade of good times in Western Australia has led to profligate government spending. It’s time to turn off the tap.