22 March 2016

NAPLAN analysis points out policy gaps

In practice, it is hard to compare different groups of students using the NAPLAN points scale. A new analysis of NAPLAN data suggests that students are falling much further behind than previously thought.

21 September 2015

Grade repetition: there are better ways to move kids forward than by holding them back

When students are being left behind the solution presented is often to make them repeat a year level. The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that repetition should not be the default solution. What’s needed instead is a proactive educational approach.

5 August 2015

One-size-fits-all is past its NAPLAN use-by date

The NAPLAN results make it clear that business as usual is not producing the outcomes we want. It’s time for a significant change in our approach to teaching.

27 July 2015

Targeted teaching: How to get the best from our schoolchildren

Education should be based on an expectation that every child will make at least a year’s progress for every year of school, regardless of where they start out.

27 January 2015

Achievement matters but what about tracking learning progress?

Focusing solely on academic achievement as measured by final results reveals little about how much a student has actually learnt during the year. Tracking academic progress, on the other hand, paints a much clearer picture.

11 December 2013

How school wars over money hold back our students

As Australian schools slip down global league tables, education debate continues its endless and useless battle over which school sector gets most money. For the sake of our students, it’s time for a larger view.

16 October 2013

The naysayers must face the writing on the wall: NAPLAN will improve literacy

The NAPLAN tests have been unfairly criticised. They are a sensible response to Australia’s serious literacy problems. Now the Federal Government has the difficult task of expanding their role and reach.

1 June 2013

Why testing students matters

NAPLAN has faults but it is starting to change the way we think about disadvantaged students.

10 October 2011

Good jobs begin in school

Improvements in education and economic prosperity go hand in hand. Raising the quality of school education is the best way for government to improve the jobs and economy of the future.

31 August 2011

A focus on learning will revitalise teaching

The idea that we must sack underperforming teachers focusses on appraising teachers rather than on improving student learning.