16 December 2019

Five things MYEFO tells us about the economy and the nation’s finances

The pre-Christmas economic update confirms that low wage growth is the new normal — and that the Federal Government will need to exercise extraordinary spending restraint if it is to make the surplus forecasts stick.

8 August 2019

Despite the scare campaigns, an inheritance tax makes a lot of economic sense

A tax reform package that includes an inheritance tax with a corresponding drop in income taxes makes sense. But will any political party run the risk of the inevitable scare campaign?

2 July 2019

Stage 3 of the tax cuts would return Australia to the 1950s

Australia would go from having a relatively progressive income tax system by international standards to having one below average among OECD countries.

16 May 2019

The Lowest Blow of the Campaign Award goes to… the real estate agents

Don’t be scared by the real estate agents’ dire warnings. Labor’s negative gearing policy won’t raise your rent. And if you’re trying to buy your first home, it just might boost your chances.

14 May 2019

If franking credits and negative gearing didn’t exist, no one would invent them

The reality is that no major party would be able to defend introducing these policies today. And if you can’t make that case, we should worry less about abolishing them.

9 April 2019

Potentially unaffordable, and it still won’t fix bracket creep. The Coalition’s $300 billion tax plan assessed

High-income earners, those in the top fifth of the income distribution, would pay a smaller share of tax under the Coalition’s plan: 65 per cent in 2029-30 compared to 68 per cent today.

5 April 2019

This government is already on course back to deficit

The ultimate fiscal legacy of the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison government could well be a budget heading back to structural deficit towards the end of the forward estimates. If only they could have been happy with just average.

9 February 2019

Negative gearing changes will affect us all, mostly for the better

For Australians who aspire to a better budget bottom line, a more stable housing market and better opportunities for first home buyers, federal Labor’s proposed changes to negative gearing and the capital gains tax have plenty to find favour.

14 August 2018

Time for the federal government to catch up on political donations reform

Australians should be able to see who donates to political parties, but our political donations laws fall far short of this ideal. Recent reforms in New South Wales and Victoria mean that voters will have much better information about who is donating. But when it comes to donations at the federal level, voters remain largely in the dark.

10 July 2018

Tax reform: where to focus?

This overview prioritises tax reforms by comparing how much different proposals would help the economy, repair budgets, reduce inequality, and promote housing affordability.