24 September 2013

Memo to Mr Abbott: how to get our cities and economy moving

The strength of the economy depends on how well our cities function. But the distance between too many suburbs and jobs is damaging productivity, and neither transport nor housing policy is helping. The new Federal Government has an opportunity to get our cities moving in a way that is good for economic growth and the fair go.

17 April 2013

Sydney vision splendid needs community input

The proposed overhaul of the NSW planning system could make Sydney a much better city, but only if it is accompanied by community engagement of a scale and quality never yet seen in Australia.

1 March 2013

Building the housing Melbourne needs

The Victorian government is in the process of developing a new metropolitan strategy to manage growth in Melbourne over the next 30 to 40 years. If it is to be successful the strategy will have create the conditions for residents to negotiate change in their own neighbourhoods as more dwellings of diverse types are built in established suburbs.

19 December 2012

Why high-value jobs will reshape our cities

The rise of knowledge industries is clustering high-value jobs around city centres. Yet housing continues to spread outwards. Can we bring people and jobs closer together?

11 December 2012

Can we afford to get our cities back on the rails?

Australian cities rely largely on rail lines built before World War II. While rail might be a vital transport option for the future, funding is scarce. To consider the choices we face, we need to understand the history of the rail networks that we take for granted today.

11 September 2012

Why our fastest-growing suburbs must prepare for the future now

Australia’s greenfield communities won’t be new for long. As their demographic make-up and needs change over time, the housing and services they provide must change, too.

14 July 2012

Danger zone: planning the city’s future must include consultation

Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy says reforms to residential zoning will provide certainty to councils, residents and developers. This admirable aspiration will be realised only if residents are engaged in working out the detail.

30 June 2012

Why planning our cities must involve citizens

The New South Wales Government’s plan to give residents a say in the overall planning scheme but not over specific sites will only work if the public is genuinely consulted.

25 June 2012

The houses we want are not getting built

The 2011 census shows that urban Australians are paying a lot for housing that does not necessarily meet their needs. Grattan research shows that people want much more housing choice than is on offer.

3 April 2012

City harmony: just ask the people

Giving people a real say in planning is the best way to manage urban growth.