24 October 2016

The huge $28 billion cost of transport infrastructure cost blowouts

It is one of the most predictable election pictures we know: a campaigning politician in fluoro vest and hard hat, announcing a new road, bridge or rail line. But this image should do more than make us feel resigned and cynical.

12 September 2016

Road user charging belongs on the political agenda as the best answer for congestion management

Road user charging is probably the best idea we have to reduce congestion and to enable better decisions on road investment.

14 July 2016

How to make cities work better – here’s what the government needs to do

Every decade or two, Australia focuses on cities. Leading into the election, the government talked of smart cities, innovative cities, productive cities. But somehow there’s been no trade-off of costs and benefits – just more expensive infrastructure promised in the cities and in the regions too.

27 June 2016

Election 2016: will the infrastructure promises meet Australia’s needs?

Come election time, voters could be forgiven for seeing transport infrastructure as a slush fund. Politicians insist they’re all for sound economic management, but we might well be cynical about how much that really matters in the race to win votes.

31 May 2016

Election FactCheck: Has public infrastructure investment fallen 20% under the Coalition?

Infrastructure spending is never far from the headlines, especially during an election campaign.

28 April 2016

Budget explainer: does Australia really have an infrastructure deficit?

It’s become conventional wisdom that Australia has an infrastructure deficit – with remarkably little discussion of what that even means.

8 April 2016

Flawed GST system skews state transport projects

When the Commonwealth Government gives money to the states to fund transport infrastructure, there isn’t much clarity around the true benefit for a given state.

4 April 2016

Why public transport infrastructure projects need rigorous assessment

More disciplined selection of transport infrastructure projects would mean less wasteful spending and better transport networks, built where and when they will make the most difference. Now that would be a project worth voting for.

4 April 2016

Governments shouldn’t play politics with infrastructure funding

With a federal election looming, we can expect to see plenty of hard hats and fluoro vests on the evening news, along with promises of new freeways and rail lines.

15 March 2016

We need to cut wasteful spending on infrastructure

The real question for both the federal and NSW governments is not how to plan the system from scratch, but rather how to identify the most important additions to an already mature network.