4 April 2016

Why public transport infrastructure projects need rigorous assessment

More disciplined selection of transport infrastructure projects would mean less wasteful spending and better transport networks, built where and when they will make the most difference. Now that would be a project worth voting for.

4 April 2016

Governments shouldn’t play politics with infrastructure funding

With a federal election looming, we can expect to see plenty of hard hats and fluoro vests on the evening news, along with promises of new freeways and rail lines.

15 March 2016

We need to cut wasteful spending on infrastructure

The real question for both the federal and NSW governments is not how to plan the system from scratch, but rather how to identify the most important additions to an already mature network.

2 December 2015

Innovation statement must reinvent the wheel – or throw it away

The Commonwealth spends at around $6 billion a year on transport – yet Australia’s transport system today is not all that different to what it was 50 – 100 years ago. New technologies are developing quickly, and regulators need to keep up.

14 October 2015

City geography and economic policy

Australia’s economy is increasingly dominated by services produced in cities. But our big cities are nearing their limits. They are dividing geographically, home ownership is falling, and people can’t get the housing they want. Planning, housing, tax and transport policies need to adjust.

9 July 2015

On the road: research can improve transport across Australia

Transport’s value lies not so much in the service itself, but in its power to enable us to move around and enjoy the things we care about.

13 May 2015

Budget infrastructure spending serves mainly political goals

The big announcements in this year’s Budget are not high on the Infrastructure Priority List. The Commonwealth seems not to be listening to its own independent advisory body.

2 March 2015

Sydney’s stuck in traffic, putting the brakes on women and the west

There’s no perfect way to balance the kinds of difficult trade-offs involved in improving Sydney’s complex traffic, housing and other urban planning challenges. But it is possible to do better.

5 May 2014

Why more infrastructure money is not the road to a stronger economy

The Prime Minister wants to lift growth by getting the states to spend more on roads, airports and other capital works. But states have never spent more on infrastructure than they are doing today, and the benefit is not clear.

1 February 2011

Congestion charging for roads