2 August 2017

How to improve our schools – submission to House of Representatives committee inquiry

Australia faces three overarching challenges in school education: improving the teaching of core academic skills and content; changing parts of what we teach and how we teach it to help young Australians develop their skills and capabilities; and reducing the disparities between educational haves and have-nots. In this submission to a parliamentary inquiry, Pete Goss details how we can make progress on all three.

22 February 2014

Troubled schools can be transformed — here’s the evidence

In Australia and around the world, schools that once had poor results and low morale are turning themselves around by following the same five steps.

23 February 2013

Why Australia isn’t fixing its failing schools

Australia is wasting scarce funds on reducing class sizes. It is time to focus on teachers’ classroom skills.

20 September 2009

Why we need to elevate school reform