Health Policies for an Ageing Australia

by Stephen Duckett

Breaking the newsGrattan Health Program Director, Stephen Duckett wrote a chapter on ‘Health Policies for an Ageing Australia’ in the book Ageing in Australia: challenges and opportunities, edited by Kate O’Loughlin, Colette Browning, and Hal Kendig.

Market failure in health care means that governments need to intervene through regulation, subsidies and/or direct provision, to ensure that health care needs are met. This chapter discusses two important aims of health policy. The first is redistribution (the ‘Robin Hood’ function), that is combating social exclusion so that people who are less well off can get access to necessary care. The second is the equalisation of payments for health care over the life cycle (the ‘piggy bank’ function). Health spending by households also reveals some of the strengths and weaknesses of Australia’s health policies.

Read the chapter on the Springer website.