Australia in the age of discovery: navigating new risks and opportunities

The world economy has never been more interconnected, and scientific discoveries and technologies are changing it quickly. Australia has navigated the challenges well so far. But much of the world is struggling: the gains from trade and innovation are unequally shared, trust in institutions has faltered, politics too often becomes a blame game, and pressing challenges are neglected.

This Policy Pitch event brought together the author of a fascinating new book, The Age of Discovery, and Australian policy thinkers to assess how Australia should confront the challenges of this age. The broad-ranging discussion covered:

– What drives the pace of innovation, and which technologies are most transformative?
– What new risks arise from global connection and interdependence?
– What lessons does the Renaissance, the first ‘Age of Discovery’, hold for our current era?
– What, practically, should Australian policymakers do to capture the opportunities and mitigate the risks?

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