Change to die for?

The baby boomers are reaching old age and in the next quarter century the number of Australians who die each year will double.

But dying in Australia is amongst the most institutionalised in the world – 86 per cent of Australians die in hospital or residential care. Many have deaths that are lingering, impersonal and disempowered and the cost of dying is high. With dying on the increase, this will become a much more significant issue for health policy in the future. The forthcoming Grattan report, Change to die for?argues that death is hidden and avoided and that most people have not discussed the services and support they would like when they die. How do we get people to discuss their preferences and choices for end-of-life care and what reforms are needed to ensure people have a good death?

This Policy Pitch event discussed the changes needed to improve the quality of dying in Australia.

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