The ten-year story of Australia’s Electricity price rise crisis

A conversation with Energy Fellow, David Blowers. Australia’s electricity sector is in crisis, or something close to it. But electricity shortages are just one part of the story – for most Australians a more visible and perhaps crucial part of this crisis is our ever-increasing electricity bills and everyone wants to blame someone else for the problem. Is there a single factor responsible for our electricity pricing woes? Or is the story more complex than that?

Discussed on the podcast this week:

David Blowers, A high price for policy failure: the ten-year story of spiralling electricity bills, January 2018 https://grattan.edu.au/news/a-high-price-for-policy-failure-the-ten-year-story-of-spiralling-electricity-bills/

Wood, T., Blowers, D., and Moran, G.  Price shock: is the retail electricity
market failing consumers?, 2017 https://grattan.edu.au/report/price-shock/

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