Latest Grattan Streaming

27 March 2020

The economic, budgetary and health impacts of COVID-19 – Webinar

In this webinar, a panel of policy experts from the Grattan Institute provided measured, informed, evidence-based perspective on the economic, budgetary and health impacts of COVID-19.

10 February 2020

Why Australia needs an expert career path for top teachers

A new career path for expert teachers could transform Australian schools and boost student learning by 18 months by the time they turn 15. Watch Peter Goss, School Education Program Director, discuss our new report.

5 December 2019

How hospital funding works in Australia – Video

Watch Grattan Institute Health Program Director Stephen Duckett explain the current hospital funding system, and two government proposed solutions.

6 November 2019

Attracting teachers with the school education program – Event Video

In this Grattan Institute State of Affairs event, a panel of experts discuss what changes can be made to position a teaching career as an attractive option for young Australians.

14 October 2019

Why it’s time for congestion charging in Australia

London. Singapore. Stockholm. What do these cities have in common? Congestion charging. Australia’s capital cities should join them by charging drivers who use the busiest roads at the busiest times.

Watch Grattan Institute’s Transport and Cities Program Director Marion Terrill discuss our latest report on congestion charging.

8 October 2019

How governments can better direct Australia’s electricity market – Video

Lower emissions. 🔋 Reasonable prices. 💵 Reliable supply. 🔌 Is that too much to ask?

Australian electricity consumers can have it all – provided governments stop their ad-hoc market interventions. Watch Grattan Institute Energy Program Director Tony Wood explain our new report, Power Play: How governments can better direct Australia’s electricity market.

29 August 2019

The choice between vocational and higher education

University leaders are calling for the re-instatement of demand driven funding, which let them enrol unlimited numbers of bachelor-degree students. At the same time, there are widespread calls for the vocational education system to be strengthened to attract more young people, especially into the trades. Are these goals in tension? What advice should we give people thinking about their post-school options?

26 August 2019

Attracting high achievers to teaching

With high achieving teachers, the typical Australian student would gain an extra 6 to 12 months of learning by Year 9. But bright young Australians are turning their backs on teaching.

19 August 2019

Generation gap: ensuring a fair go for younger Australians

Don’t blame the avo toast or turmeric lattes. 🥑 The generational gap is getting wider.