Latest Grattan Streaming

18 July 2017

Housing affordability: Resurrecting the Australian dream – Melbourne

Event recording: In this Policy Pitch event at the State Library of Victoria, Sally Capp (Victorian Executive Director at the Property Council of Australia), Nicki Hutley (Director & Chief Economist at Urbis) and Brendan Coates (Fellow at Grattan Institute) will discussed the problems, and weighed the options for reform.

5 July 2017

Australia’s budget woes – Canberra

Event recording: This Capital Ideas event explored the causes of repeated budget projection errors. Katharine Murphy, political editor at the Guardian, and 15-year veteran of the Canberra press gallery, discussed the issues with John Daley, CEO of the Grattan Institute, presenting new research from Grattan Institute’s work on budget policy.

9 June 2017

What is a fair amount for university students to pay?

Event Recording: In this Policy Pitch event, co-hosted by the Policy Shop podcast the following issues were examined: Why Australia has a hybrid public-private system of funding higher education; Consequences for the demand and supply of student places of Australia’s university funding system; Consequences for student and graduate finances of student charges and HELP repayments; and, Consequences for universities and the student experience.

5 May 2017

Engaging students: creating better classroom environments for learning – Melbourne

Event Recording: In this Policy Pitch event, Dr Peter Goss, Grattan Institute School Education Program Director, hosted a panel of leading educators to explore: What is happening in Australia’s classrooms; how can schools and teachers create better classroom environments for learning; and, what policy changes would help schools the most.

11 April 2017

Stagnation nation? Australian investment in a low-growth world – Melbourne

Event Recording: Australia risks descent into economic stagnation as the mining investment boom fades. In this policy pitch event three experienced policy analysts discussed the state of the economy and how policy can reignite investment.

21 March 2017

Fighting obesity: one tax and one community at a time

Event Recording: Australians are getting fatter. Various interventions have been tried, but the trends are in the wrong direction. In this policy pitch, we explored what can and should be done to address obesity and its effects.

15 March 2017

Climate Change 2017: Restarting the debate

Event Recording: In the first Capital Ideas public forum hosted through our partnership with the National Library, Helen Wilson who will lead the Government’s review of our domestic climate change policies, Frank Jotzo a leading climate economist from ANU and Grattan Institute’s Tony Wood discussed the review and what it is intended to achieve.

21 February 2017

Why every generation feels entitled – Melbourne event

Grattan Streaming: In this Policy Pitch event at the State Library Victoria, Caitlin Fitzsimmons, Money editor, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Peter Switzer, Founder, Switzer Financial Group and Grattan CEO John Daley discussed why each generation feels entitled. They aimed to provide a bigger picture of the taxes and government support for each generation, and how policy ought to change.

8 December 2016

Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List 2016

Every year Grattan Institute releases a summer reading list for the Prime Minister. Watch a recording of this year’s launch event with Sabra Lane at the State Library of Victoria.

6 December 2016

A sugary drinks tax: recovering the community costs of obesity – Parliamentary Launch

Grattan Institute Health Program Director, Stephen Duckett was joined by Senator Richard Di Natale, Emma McBride MP and Russell Broadbent MP at the parliamentary launch of Grattan’s report, A sugary drinks tax: recovering the community costs of obesity.