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17 September 2014

Big ideas for a small state: Grattan views on the policy priorities for the next Victorian Government

Victorians go to the polls on November 29. What are the big policy questions Victorians should consider before they vote?

19 August 2014

Change to die for?

This Policy Pitch event discussed the changes needed to improve the quality of dying in Australia.

27 May 2014

Super rip-off? Policy options for a better superannuation deal

This Policy Pitch event highlighted findings from the report, discussed the role that superannuation now plays in the Australian economy, and discussed the reform agenda for the sector.

27 April 2014

Super sting: how to stop Australians paying too much for superannuation

Australians are paying up to three times more than they should in superannuation fees. Change could save them $10 billion a year.

16 April 2014

State of Australian budgets

This event provided a sneak preview of Grattan’s upcoming report on the state of our budgets, and discussed what can be done to repair them.

20 March 2014

Global influences on Australia

The Policy Pitch – Grattan Institute and the State Library of Victoria held this event featuring the Lowy Institute for International Policy.

11 December 2013

Shock to the system: dealing with falling electricity demand

Australians are using less power but paying more for it. A nasty correction looms, and change requires wholesale reform of the electricity market.

5 December 2013

2013 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister – Melbourne Event

Grattan Institute launched our annual Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister at the State Library of Victoria on Wednesday 4 December.

4 December 2013

Balancing budgets: tough choices we need to make

At this event John Daley and Judith Sloan discussed Grattan’s report Balancing budgets, which lays out the options that Australian governments have to repair their budgets.

29 September 2013

Access all areas: new solutions for GP shortages in rural Australia

More than a million Australians in rural and remote areas lack access to basic medical care. The solution is relatively simple and cheap, if policymakers adopt new responses to an old problem.

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