Latest Grattan Streaming

21 July 2015

Natural gas: part of the problem or part of the solution?

Can clean burning gas be part of the solution but as a fossil fuel also be part of the problem? This Policy Pitch seminar discussed an issue of critical importance to Australia, shortly to become the world’s biggest exporter of gas.

17 June 2015

What’s happening to graduate employment?

This Policy Pitch event looked at what is going on in the graduate labour market and what might be done to improve employment prospects.

21 May 2015

STEM for all: Building the capability of all young Australians in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Education commentators divide over how much to promote the disciplines now known as STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Dr Peter Goss will host an expert panel to explore these contradictions.

21 April 2015

Crisis, what crisis? Should tax reform fix Commonwealth and State budgets?

John Daley, Grattan Institute CEO hosted an expert panel to discuss the most attractive options for repairing Commonwealth and State revenues.

12 February 2015

Regulating the peer-to-peer economy

Jim Minifie, Grattan’s Productivity Growth Program Director, hosted an exceptionally well-qualified group for brief presentations and a panel discussion on Regulating the peer-to-peer economy.

19 November 2014

Australia’s age-based tax and welfare system: is it fair?

Australia’s tax and welfare system is one of the most tightly targeted in the world. Is age-based welfare justified? Cassandra Goldie, CEO of the Australian Council of Social Services discussed the issues with Grattan Institute CEO, John Daley.

13 October 2014

How behavioural economics does and can shape public policy

Andrew Leigh, in discussion with John Daley, outlined the main lessons of behavioural economics, and discussed the ways that it has affected policymaking in Australia.

17 September 2014

Big ideas for a small state: Grattan views on the policy priorities for the next Victorian Government

Victorians go to the polls on November 29. What are the big policy questions Victorians should consider before they vote?

27 May 2014

Super rip-off? Policy options for a better superannuation deal

This Policy Pitch event highlighted findings from the report, discussed the role that superannuation now plays in the Australian economy, and discussed the reform agenda for the sector.

27 April 2014

Super sting: how to stop Australians paying too much for superannuation

Australians are paying up to three times more than they should in superannuation fees. Change could save them $10 billion a year.