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23 March 2012

Grattan Institute appoints leading economist to key post

Jim Minifie, Chief Economist of the Boston Consulting Group in Australia and New Zealand has been appointed director of Grattan’s Productivity Growth Program.

20 March 2012

Higher education pricing

Higher education pricing needs to move along an evolutionary path to a more market-based system.

7 March 2012

Surrender to the charge

Is a surrender charge an unfair impost that will hurt Australian businesses, or a logical and important component of the Government’s carbon pricing scheme?

6 March 2012

Gonski review reforms must not be delayed

The new national schools funding model proposed by the Gonski review has already shaped the education debate, but the hard trade-offs lie ahead for long-term reform.

1 March 2012

Business will have to live with carbon price

Those calling for reduced carbon price burdens are unlikely to be heard. The best thing business can do is to figure out how to most cheaply cut emissions.

28 February 2012

More women, more students, more diversity

Higher education is in the midst of profound change, bringing us closer to a market in higher education than at any time in Australia’s history.

15 February 2012

‘Surrender charge’ on international units in the Australian ETS

What is a surrender charge, why does Australia need one, and how should policy makers design it?

14 February 2012

A bright shine in small solar fixes: response to the Climate Spectator

Criticisms of the Grattan Institute report ‘No easy choices: which way to Australia’s energy future’, are either incorrect or miss the point of the analysis.

6 February 2012

Low carbon future must also be low cost

It is increasingly clear that a carbon pricing scheme alone will not do enough to enable low-emission technologies to generate enough of our electricity at sufficiently low cost.

24 January 2012

The rights of international students

What entitlements should be available to non-citizens with long-term but temporary residence rights?