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6 July 2011

Declining student performance

It is difficult to determine which is worse, the declining performance of our students or the lack of a response to it.

23 June 2011

Commodity prices

Commodity prices are likely to stay substantially higher than their average between 1980 and 2000, even if they drop from recent peaks.

24 May 2011

‘Bolting’ regions need better support

A new Grattan report, Investing in regions: Making a difference, shows that unless governments recognize the fast-changing reality of regional Australia, they will continue to both waste money and deprive many citizens of much-needed services.

7 April 2011

Markets still the best option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Australian politics is locked in a fierce debate about how to tackle climate change. To many, arguments about whether a carbon tax or trading scheme is better than other approaches must seem confusing.

23 March 2011

Asian languages matter