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6 September 2011

A predictable and flexible carbon price?

Emissions reduction policies need to be both flexible and predictable. Australia’s proposed carbon pricing mechanism balances these competing objectives and may provide much of the direction and confidence the economy needs.

6 September 2011

The university gender gap

Women are becoming the dominant sex in universities thanks to rising enrolments, but men may have nothing to worry about.

1 September 2011

Pricing carbon – the money and the myths

What are the impacts for consumers, small businesses and electricity of the Government’s proposed carbon pricing scheme?

31 August 2011

Pain of carbon protectionism

Claims for carbon price assistance signal a new era of protectionism.

31 August 2011

A focus on learning will revitalise teaching

The idea that we must sack underperforming teachers focusses on appraising teachers rather than on improving student learning.

30 August 2011

Economics of pricing carbon

The longer Australia waits before pricing carbon, the more emissions accumulate in the atmosphere, and the more expensive the response will become.

16 August 2011

Productivity – the lost decade

Australian workers increased their productivity far less in the past decade than in the previous one. It is a serious problem for our economic future.