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19 March 2013

Why the carbon price can’t take credit for diving electricity demand

Falling electricity demand presents substantial challenges for investors and policy-makers.

18 March 2013

Cut pharmaceutical prices and end this sickening waste

Australia must get tougher with global drug companies and take the politics out of drug pricing. New Zealand shows the way.

18 March 2013

Time to cut pharmaceutical prices and end Australia’s bad drug deal

Australia is wasting more than $1 billion a year on high prices for pharmaceutical drugs. Change is possible, if the political will is there.

13 March 2013

Why NSW’s teacher plan is top of the class

NSW has understood that better students are made by better teachers. Other states should get with the program.

1 March 2013

Building the housing Melbourne needs

The Victorian government is in the process of developing a new metropolitan strategy to manage growth in Melbourne over the next 30 to 40 years. If it is to be successful the strategy will have create the conditions for residents to negotiate change in their own neighbourhoods as more dwellings of diverse types are built in established suburbs.

26 February 2013

One more round won and lost in the health blame game

Stephen Duckett explains the latest battle between the Commonwealth and the states over hospital funding.

23 February 2013

Why Australia isn’t fixing its failing schools

Australia is wasting scarce funds on reducing class sizes. It is time to focus on teachers’ classroom skills.

11 February 2013

Is easy entry to university a good thing?

It has never been easier to get into an Australian university. But the effect on standards is far from clear.

2 February 2013

Why Canberra should stay out of schools

Many federal interventions in school education are damaging much-needed reform.

1 February 2013

Why Australia needs more women working

Removing the obstacles to female workforce participation would give women more choices, and boost the size of the economy by up to $25 billion a year.