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23 November 2012

Sleepers wake: what Australia can learn from Asian schools

Educators who think we cannot learn from the success of education in East Asia are living in the past

13 November 2012

Why the medical intern crisis needs a new approach

This year about half the graduating international students looking for jobs as medical interns won’t find them. Simply funding more positions is not the answer.

8 November 2012

It’s time to talk about nuclear power

Nuclear energy has many problems and many enemies. But Australia might not solve its climate change problem without it.

6 November 2012

Women surge, but not to the top jobs

Never before have women so outnumbered men as bachelor-degree holders. Yet men are still working the longer hours that will give them the most senior positions.

10 October 2012

Graduate Winners: a report based on the facts

Grattan’s report on charging tertiary students higher fees was criticised for not using OECD data. But the statistics weren’t right for our research. Here’s why.

8 October 2012

The Renewable Energy Target: right answer, but wrong question

The Renewable Energy Target has produced low-emissions power at low cost. So why is it time to find a new approach?

2 October 2012

How online education will change the way we learn

Massive online open courses challenge the view that on-campus study is always best.

1 October 2012

Online education: don’t believe the hype

Nearly two million students have begun taking free online courses in the past two years. But traditional universities should not be troubled.

27 September 2012

Why student performance is stagnating, and how to fix it.

Each year more students are falling behind in literacy and numeracy. To help them requires more money, but only if it is spent in the classroom

26 September 2012

Why the RET has had its day

The Renewable Energy Target has reduced carbon emissions at reasonable cost. But with the creation of a carbon price its job is done.