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12 September 2012

Leading health thinker to run new Grattan Institute program

Grattan Institute is delighted to announce the establishment of a program in health policy, to be run by one of Australia’s leading thinkers in the field, Stephen Duckett.

11 September 2012

Why our fastest-growing suburbs must prepare for the future now

Australia’s greenfield communities won’t be new for long. As their demographic make-up and needs change over time, the housing and services they provide must change, too.

7 September 2012

Cutting emissions is the goal, not closing power plants

The Federal Government will not pay to close brown coal power stations. Contrary to what critics say, the decision shows that the carbon price works.

30 August 2012

Why linking to Europe, without a floor price, is right

Linking to the biggest carbon trading market in the world has risks, but will aid the Australian and global response to climate change.

21 August 2012

Who comes out on top in higher education?

The public benefits from higher education, but individuals with degrees benefit far more. Who, then, should bear the cost of tertiary study?

6 August 2012

Do graduate winners need another prize?

Students do very well out of higher education. Why is the government subsidising them to take courses they would take anyway?

20 July 2012

When online courses are free, what can universities sell?

Some of the world’s most prestigious universities are putting their courses online for free. Australian universities should be alert, but not alarmed.

17 July 2012

Not by the market alone: how to make low-cost, low-emissions power

To meet its carbon targets, Australia needs to get low-emissions projects running fast. This is how we can do it.

16 July 2012

Place your bids for a low-emissions future

Despite the new carbon price, low-emissions technology projects remain high risk and offer low return, and so are struggling to get started in the marketplace. Grattan has a practical plan for solving a difficult problem.

16 July 2012

A practical plan to make the carbon price work

The carbon price is essential for reducing emissions but it is not enough. A proposed auction scheme to get low-emissions technologies started could build a bridge to the carbon market Australia needs.