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29 September 2020

How to rebuild Victoria

Building back better after the long COVID lockdown is possible. Here’s how.

28 September 2020

Melbourne inches towards the end of lockdown

The Victorian Government will now rely predominantly on epidemiological thresholds rather than dates to guide it on when to ease COVID-19 restrictions. It’s the right move, given the ultimate goal is zero active cases.

26 September 2020

Why schools should be reopened as soon as safe

The risk is small and the benefits are big, to students, parents, and the economy.

25 September 2020

The Treasurer should aim higher on employment

Taking the foot off the economic accelerator when unemployment falls to 6 per cent would condemn Australia to a long and slow recovery.

23 September 2020

Housing vulnerable Australians means making tough choices

The housing affordability crisis is widening the gap between rich and poor. Here’s what the Federal Government and the states should do to ensure the poor have a roof over their head.

23 September 2020

Good news from the climate and energy wars

At last, the Prime Minister and his Energy Minister are talking the talk on delivering lower emissions, with lower costs.

22 September 2020

The PM’s gas plan will misfire

Australia needs to use less gas, not more. If you plan to move to net zero emissions, a COVID-inspired gas splurge appears to be a terrible misstep.

21 September 2020

How governments can prioritise their agenda better

Communities will prosper more if their governments prioritise deliberately. Governments should prioritise a small number of reforms that are both high value and more feasible.

19 September 2020

Lots of energy plans, but still no cohesive strategy

What’s missing from the Morrison Government’s many energy announcements is clear direction on economy-wide climate change policy.

17 September 2020

Time to rethink discount rates

It’s bizarre that almost all Australian jurisdictions have opted, since at least 1989, to use a discount rate of 7 per cent for most infrastructure projects, irrespective of project risk or real interest rates.