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17 December 2018

More mirage than good management, MYEFO fails to hit its own targets

The Morrison government wants next year’s election to be about economic management. So understandably, it’s using the improved bottom line in the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) to talk up its economic credentials. But the numbers in MYEFO show it has failed to hit many of its own targets.

14 December 2018

Morrison’s health handout is bad policy (but might be good politics)

The PM’s $1.25 billion Community Health and Hospitals Program is a policy fail. It sets back Commonwealth-state relations by decades; it’s unclear exactly how much money will actually be provided; and it appears designed to shore up support in marginal seats.

12 December 2018

Three things high school graduates should keep in mind when they have their ATAR

School leavers across Australia are getting their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank), and in coming weeks will get a chance to update their university course preferences. Here are three things they should keep in mind when finalising their preferences.

10 December 2018

Newsflash. The government doesn’t need to break up power companies in order to tame prices. The ACCC says so

The federal Government should consider divestment powers broadly, rather than rushing to introduce them in one sector of the economy, electricity, because of a concern that its prices are too high.

5 December 2018

What He Should Be Reading: Grattan’s 2018 PM Reading List

The summer break is one of the few times of the year that we switch off our screens for long enough to lower the height of that pile of shame beside the bedside table. There is still a magic to books, which provide enough space for a nuanced view of a topic, without reducing it to mere talking points. But reading a book takes time, and Prime Ministers have even less time than others. To make best use of a rare opportunity, Grattan Institute recommends each year a summer reading list for the Prime Minister.

4 December 2018

Scott Morrison’s book list: what should the prime minister read this summer?

It has been an extraordinary year in politics – and no doubt most politicians are well and truly ready for a summer holiday. To help our leaders make the most of their time off, Grattan Institute has curated a list of this year’s must-reads – a curiosity-piquing platter of novels, thinkpieces, memoirs and manifestos.

4 December 2018

Donor ban denies foreign students

With a ban on foreign political ­donors passed by parliament last week, international students will soon have fewer political rights in Australia. They could be banned from donating to campaigns to protect their interests in ­education, employment and ­migration.

29 November 2018

How the states can keep people out of hospital and still get their fair share of funding

Memo to the state and territory governments: you can keep people out of hospital and still get your fair share of activity based funding from the Commonwealth. Here’s how …

26 November 2018

A history of the Institute

At a function to farewell three directors retiring from the Grattan Institute Board, founding Director Professor Glyn Davis recounted the history of the formation of Grattan Institute, and its development since then.

23 November 2018

Labor’s battery plan – good policy, or just good politics?

Federal Labor obviously likes the politics of giving rebates of up to A$2,000 each to 100,000 households of prospective voters so they can install domestic batteries. But is this good policy that will support Australia’s transition to a reliable, affordable, low-emissions energy system, or is it just middle-class welfare?