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26 February 2020

Climate war: the next generation

In all the strategies and tactics of Australia’s energy and climate-change policy wars, the most disturbing development is that carbon pricing became roadkill.

20 February 2020

Coronavirus could have a devastating impact on Australia’s universities

The Australian Government can’t fix an international pandemic. But it can lift the cap on the number of domestic university students.

20 February 2020

Why your government is wrong about congestion charging

There’s really only one way to get congestion in our major cities under control, and that’s congestion charging. Here’s how it would work.

19 February 2020

Why young people dropping private health hurts insurers most, not public hospitals

Claims that the youth exodus from private health insurance is going to put extra pressure on the public system don’t stack up. In warning us the public system is going to suffer, the industry is actually looking to bolster its own case for more government handouts.

13 February 2020

Trouble in charity land

In the early years of federation, Australia was heralded as an international social laboratory. In contrast, the offering today is a cold place, often with a cold heart.

13 February 2020

Vested interests, money, and the democratic deficit

Australia needs to bridge the growing gulf between citizen and state, starting with new rules of engagement in the ‘grey zone’: where economic power is converted into political influence.

10 February 2020

Making better use of top teachers will boost student performance

We want our children to have a fantastic education, but we haven’t given our teachers the support they need to deliver it. Here’s how we can create a better system for improving teachers.

10 February 2020

Something is not right with Australia’s schools

The performance of our students in international tests in maths, reading, and science is in long-term decline. Here’s a blueprint for a better system to improve teaching.

4 February 2020

How big money influenced the 2019 federal election

The latest political donations data release exposes significant vulnerabilities in Australia’s democracy. Here’s what we should do to fix the system.

3 February 2020

Sorry, but super comes out of your wages

Until now, there has been scant empirical evidence about who actually pays for increases in compulsory super contributions in Australia. Our new analysis fills the gap.