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26 October 2017

If we want cheaper housing we have to build more of it: submission to the NSW housing supply inquiry

NSW housing has become increasingly expensive. The NSW Government needs to act decisively to boost the supply of land to make housing more affordable. Increasing housing supply will only restore housing affordability slowly – but without a concerted effort to boost housing supply in Sydney and surrounds, housing affordability in NSW will only get worse.

25 October 2017

Performance funding is not the way to improve university teaching

More than ever, universities have an incentive to respond to student interests, and the flexibility to do so. We should not distract them with policy changes that could easily make things worse.

25 October 2017

Focus on big picture to finetune tertiary system

Some good analysis of where tertiary education policy could be improved, along with practical proposals for reform, could lead to changes that both Labor and Liberal parties can support. Tiring as big reviews are, they are one way of getting above ad hoc problem-solving to see the bigger picture.

25 October 2017

Pharmacy red tape should be cut: submission to Senate Select Committee

Excessive pharmacy red tape is bad for consumers. The existing red tape is designed principally to protect the interests of pharmacy owners, not consumers. Grattan Institute research and national audits suggest that the pharmacy industry has far too great an influence on its own regulation.

24 October 2017

Five ways to kickstart the economy – without cutting company taxes

The Productivity Commission has released the first in a planned series of five-yearly updates on productivity in Australia. Now it is up to Commonwealth and state governments to absorb its insights, integrate them into their agendas, and put them into action.

24 October 2017

Assisted dying is one thing, but governments must ensure palliative care is available to all who need it

Assisted dying moved one step closer to reality in Victoria last week with the authorising bill passing the lower house with a comfortable 47-37 majority. While assisted dying is contentious, access to palliative care should not be.

20 October 2017

Why are our electricity bills so high? The answers may surprise you

Given the central role it plays in our lives, electricity would be good value at almost any price. But as an essential service, critical to people’s health, safety and wellbeing, prices must remain affordable for all.

20 October 2017

Making housing more affordable: Submission to the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation consultation paper

All levels of government need to do more to improve housing affordability in Australia. The Commonwealth can reduce demand, by abolishing negative gearing, reducing the capital gain tax discount, and including owner-occupied housing in the Age Pension assets test. The states can boost supply, through better land-use planning and zoning laws, and by releasing more greenfield land.

17 October 2017

Energy Security Board offers the government a circuit-breaker for energy crisis

The Turnbull government’s long-awaited National Energy Guarantee should be supported, not only within the Coalition but by Labor, the states, the energy industry and by electricity consumers.

17 October 2017

How the National Energy Guarantee could work better than a clean energy target

The Turnbull government has announced its new energy policy, called the National Energy Guarantee (NEG). No, it’s not Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s Clean Energy Target. But it is a policy that will drive down emissions in the electricity sector after 2020 and can be adapted by the Labor Party to hit the emissions-reduction target of any future Labor government.

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