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2 April 2019

Budget 2019: little new for schools, beyond window dressing

The Federal Government doesn’t run schools, and too many of the school education initiatives in the budget smack of the Commonwealth meddling in areas beyond its remit.

1 April 2019

Expect a budget that breaks the intergenerational bargain

Working-age Australians, as a group, pay more in taxes than they receive in either benefits or spending. These contributions support older Australians who take a lot more out in spending and pension payments than they contribute in taxes. Today’s working-age Australians expect the generation after them to support them in the same way as they age. But this longstanding intergenerational bargain is under threat.

31 March 2019

Make better use of our best teachers

Creating dedicated roles for expert teachers would make all teachers more effective, lifting student results for generations to come. Here’s how state governments can do it.

29 March 2019

How federal politicians can regain their integrity

Australians are losing faith in politicians, politics and even democracy itself. Whether MPs deserve this cynicism and suspicion is almost beside the point; they need to act to win back the trust of the people. Here’s what they should do.

27 March 2019

Australia’s long-standing generational bargain is under threat

Let’s hope Australians can discuss generational fairness without it descending into generational warfare. Because none of us would want our legacy to be mortgaging our children’s environment and their economic future.

27 March 2019

Treasurer should hold off on budget victory lap

Let’s see whether Josh Frydenberg banks or blows recent windfalls. Because any claim to superior fiscal management that relies on the promise of future fiscal rectitude and economic good luck is on shaky ground indeed.

25 March 2019

The risks in setting a default market offer price for electricity retailers

The Australian Energy Regulator has proposed a pragmatic approach to the delicate task of setting a default market offer price. But risks to competition remain from any form of price cap.

25 March 2019

A mixed model is best for pharmacist prescribing

Using pharmacists’ skills better – by allowing suitably prepared pharmacists to prescribe – would improve Australians’ access to health care, facilitate better medication management, reduce costs, and ease the burden on general practice.

22 March 2019

Filling the dental gap

Universal dental care is a big idea whose time has come. Australians — regardless of their income — can get medical care when they need it. They should be able to get dental care, too, without financial barriers.

21 March 2019

Ten years of Grattan Institute

It has taken only a decade to get to the point where many people say that they couldn’t imagine Australian public life without Grattan. Not bad for an organisation of 30 people.