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27 August 2013

Health debate echoes past and lacks vision

Stephen Duckett gives a summary of the steady-as-she-goes debate between minister for health Tanya Plibersek and shadow minister Peter Dutton.

27 August 2013

The poor health indicators of our current campaign

There are big issues to be resolved in health policy, but our leaders are not discussing them.

27 August 2013

Checking the facts: Rudd’s carbon emissions trading scheme backflip

Rudd did a backflip on the carbon emissions trading scheme and supported the world’s biggest carbon tax. True or false?

26 August 2013

Time to finish Hilmer project and reform power sector

Time to finish Hilmer project and reform power sector
The 10-year wave of economic reform that the National Competition Policy report unleashed is long over. But the incoming government has an opportunity and an obligation to address the poor governance and high prices of the energy sector.

19 August 2013

Wanted: a new way to pick medical interns

Australia has more would-be medical interns than places. Whether candidates come from home or overseas, it is time to choose them on the basis of merit.

14 August 2013

Why governments must dig harder to get us out of deficit

Australian governments are facing a $60 billion deficit by 2023 unless they start producing tighter budgets and making tougher decisions. They have made a start but have a long way to go.

12 August 2013

Why health, sadly, is not an election issue

Health is off the election radar yet Australians are spending more on it than ever. We need a major debate on how costs can be contained while maintaining a high-quality system.

12 August 2013

Why open access to universities works and should be left alone

The Government is considering putting caps back on university student numbers. If it does, a policy that has helped disadvantaged students and made universities more entrepreneurial will be ruined.

9 August 2013

Why we must debate Canberra’s role in schools

School education will be a big issue in the coming election campaign, yet the Federal Government does not operate one school or hire one teacher. It’s time for a proper debate about limiting Canberra’s role in schools.

5 August 2013

Australia joins the online learning rush

Free online learning is changing global higher education, and Australia has just logged on.