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15 May 2012

Credible, consistent policy key to clean-energy future

Meeting Australia’s 2050 emissions reduction targets will require a complete transformation of our energy sector. Pricing carbon is an effective first step, writes Tony Wood in the CEDA publication, ‘Renewable Energy Future: Prospects and Realities’.

9 May 2012

Implementation, not bonuses, key to results

Performance bonuses for teachers will not raise standards in Australian schools all by themselves. If we want better results for our students, writes Ben Jensen, we should learn from the success of Singapore’s comprehensive reform strategy, and focus on the importance of effective policy implementation and behavioural change.

7 May 2012

The future of gas power

The past few years have seen the rapid expansion of the coal seam and shale gas industry. Yet the expansion of gas may come at a higher environmental price than many find acceptable.

24 April 2012

Professionalism lacking in university teaching

University teaching never developed into a proper profession, making managerial intervention necessary argues Andrew Norton.

23 April 2012

The CEFC balancing act

The expert review on the establishment of a Clean Energy Finance Corporation has attracted both howls of protest and cheers of support. This is not surprising. Vested interests are strong on both fronts.

16 April 2012

Critiquing government regional development policies

For nearly a hundred years, governments have spent a huge amount of money and effort trying to promote economic growth in regional Australia, with little evidence of success.

11 April 2012

Science graduates outnumber science jobs

Demand for undergraduate science courses has grown strongly, but evidence suggests the science jobs boom may be a non-starter.

3 April 2012

City harmony: just ask the people

Giving people a real say in planning is the best way to manage urban growth.

2 April 2012

Building social cities: the value of the human connection

There are big changes underway in Australia’s cities.

2 April 2012

Sea change in education policy needed

Raising entry level increases teacher supply. But we must put the focus on how teaching contributes to student learning.

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