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9 August 2013

Why we must debate Canberra’s role in schools

School education will be a big issue in the coming election campaign, yet the Federal Government does not operate one school or hire one teacher. It’s time for a proper debate about limiting Canberra’s role in schools.

5 August 2013

Australia joins the online learning rush

Free online learning is changing global higher education, and Australia has just logged on.

3 August 2013

How Western Australia frittered away its mining bonanza

A decade of good times in Western Australia has led to profligate government spending. It’s time to turn off the tap.

2 August 2013

Carbon trading: California is not dreaming and Australia is not alone

Carbon trading schemes are emerging across the world. But they need consistent and far-sighted government policy to survive.

30 July 2013

Public-private hospital partnerships are risky business

Building hospitals with a mix of public and private money is back in vogue but be warned: such partnerships have a high failure rate, have uncertain efficiency benefits, and create a risk to democratic accountability.

30 July 2013

Do foreign medical graduates get priority over Australian doctors?

The head of the Australian Medical Association is right that in some states, international medical graduates take preference over some doctors from interstate. But it’s not the full picture.

29 July 2013

How we learnt to stop worrying and love the boom

As the mining boom changes shape, policy makers need to start saving more of the proceeds.

29 July 2013

How we spent the mining bounty we should have saved

The biggest mining boom since the Gold Rush has been good for Australians, overall. But governments should have saved more of the $190 billion the boom gave them.

22 July 2013

Parties lack vision on health policy

For once, health will not be a big election issue. That’s a shame, because there are big things that need doing.

22 July 2013

Yes, Virginia, there can be a free market in carbon

The world is out of sorts when a free market think tank opposes using market principles to address climate change.