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24 April 2013

Tough choices: how to rein in our rising health bill

With spending on health increasing much faster than GDP, it’s time to make the system more efficient.

24 April 2013

For more savings, time to look at student loans

The Government has reformed the student loan scheme in sensible ways, but should go further.

22 April 2013

Let’s open our doors to the best global higher education

Our regulations strangle global higher education trade. Students are the losers.

22 April 2013

We must all pay for Australia’s budget problem

Governments are in danger of posting deficits worth 4 per cent of GDP in the next decade. It’s a huge national challenge but leaders can find the cash, if they can find the courage.

21 April 2013

Buckle in for a decade of tough budgets

Structural changes in the Australian economy could leave governments $60 billion short by 2023. It’s time for hard decisions.

19 April 2013

What’s stopping the ‘golden age of gas’?

Gas was seen to be heading for a golden age, but the predicted dash for gas has not materialised.

18 April 2013

Price fixing does ETS no favour

Was the Australian government wrong to link our emissions trading scheme with the European EIS?

17 April 2013

Sydney vision splendid needs community input

The proposed overhaul of the NSW planning system could make Sydney a much better city, but only if it is accompanied by community engagement of a scale and quality never yet seen in Australia.

15 April 2013

With tighter budgets, universities must change course

Cuts to university funding raise issues about university political strategies.