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16 July 2012

A practical plan to make the carbon price work

The carbon price is essential for reducing emissions but it is not enough. A proposed auction scheme to get low-emissions technologies started could build a bridge to the carbon market Australia needs.

14 July 2012

Danger zone: planning the city’s future must include consultation

Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy says reforms to residential zoning will provide certainty to councils, residents and developers. This admirable aspiration will be realised only if residents are engaged in working out the detail.

10 July 2012

Why higher education doesn’t always make you happier

University graduates have higher incomes, better health and more friends than people who never did tertiary study. So why aren’t they more satisfied?

5 July 2012

Why the carbon price must have a floor price

Preventing the carbon price from falling below a set level will encourage investment and ensure that the carbon market begins to reduce emissions.

30 June 2012

Why planning our cities must involve citizens

The New South Wales Government’s plan to give residents a say in the overall planning scheme but not over specific sites will only work if the public is genuinely consulted.

25 June 2012

The houses we want are not getting built

The 2011 census shows that urban Australians are paying a lot for housing that does not necessarily meet their needs. Grattan research shows that people want much more housing choice than is on offer.

5 June 2012

Poor marks for policy guesswork

Higher education students are taught never to cut intellectual corners. But higher education policy makers do it all the time. In his Age column, Andrew Norton examines how the Government’s analyses that inform policy are based on flimsy or outdated evidence, inappropriate examples from overseas and a good dash of guesswork.

31 May 2012

Carbon will be constrained: ready or not?

The impacts of a carbon-constrained future will become visible to Australians from July 1, 2012, with the introduction of a price on greenhouse gas emissions, a step towards de-carbonising our energy supply by mid-century, writes Tony Wood.

25 May 2012

Who is killing aluminium smelting in Australia?

Aluminum smelting in Australia is falling victim to commercial reality long before the looming spectre of carbon pricing.

18 May 2012

Education reform with the wrong focus

Teacher bonus schemes are yet another example of education reform with the wrong focus. They narrowly look at teachers and their performance, and not the needs of students and their learning. It’s the educational policy equivalent of playing the man and not the ball.