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2 February 2021

What’s ahead for climate policy in 2021? – Podcast

Climate change policy is in for a rocky ride in 2021. And sometimes it’s hard to make sense of where Australia stands on climate change. How are emissions going? And what do our politicians need to do to get to net-zero emissions by 2050?

30 November 2020

Reforming aged care: a practical plan for a rights-based system – Podcast

In October of this year, Anika Stobart, Associate, and Kat Clay, Head of Digital Communication, discussed the rights of older Australians on the podcast, and our proposed rights-based framework for reforming the aged care system. This time, they discuss Grattan’s newest report: Reforming aged care: a practical plan for a rights-based system.

9 November 2020

Counting the mega costs of megaprojects – Podcast

Listen to Senior Associates Owain Emslie and Greg Moran, in conversation with Paul Austin, about their latest report: The Rise of Megaprojects: Counting the cost.

9 October 2020

Hard hat or hard-hit? Evaluating the 2020 Federal Budget – Podcast

With this week’s release of the historic 2020 Federal Budget, economic stimulus seems to be all about high-vis and hard hats. But what about the hardest hit?