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26 September 2017

Are we facing a low growth future? – Part 1

One of the big policy debates in Australia and around the world right now is whether economic growth will be slower in the future than in the past. In part 1 of this two-episode series, with the help of Australian Perspectives Fellow Brendan Coates and Productivity Growth Director Jim Minifie, we take a deep dive into the evidence that economic growth may be slower in the future and what might explain it. Stay tuned for part 2 where we will discuss what policymakers could do in response.

13 September 2017

Retail Competition in the electricity sector and energy price

Event podcast: this Energy Futures Seminar, a part of the Policy Pitch series, explored the Thwaites Review findings and the Grattan Report ‘Price shock: Is the retail electricity market failing consumers?’ released earlier this year. The expert panel, moderated by Dr Sara Bice and joined by John Thwaites, Tony Wood and Sarah McNamara debated the Review’s recommendations for a regulated Basic Service Offer and related issues.

11 September 2017

Next Generation: the long-term future of the National Electricity Market

A conversation with Energy Fellow, David Blowers. Australia’s electricity system is under pressure like never before. Work should start immediately on a new ‘capacity mechanism’ in case it is needed to ensure reliable supplies in future.

17 August 2017

Post Trump, Post Brexit, Post Policy: the Rise of Populism – Brisbane

Event podcast: Established political parties are struggling across the developed world, while “outsider parties” rise. In this State of Affairs event, Grattan CEO John Daley presented detailed Grattan analysis about the real shifts in Australia’s economy, culture and institutions, and which of them are plausibly linked to shifts in voting.

15 August 2017

Rising inequality in Australia?

A conversation with Australian Perspectives Fellow, Dani Wood. The question of whether inequality has been rising or falling in Australia appears to be difficult to answer at first glance – and a different story emerges when looking at income inequality or wealth inequality. So just what is happening to inequality here in Australia? How do we compare to the rest of the world? And what are our politicians suggesting to bridge the gap?

15 August 2017

Safety and Quality – time to stop just goggling at the problems our data reveals – Melbourne

Event Podcast: The health system is awash with data. Nearly all of it tells us that we could improve. Yet our current improvement efforts are surprisingly limited in their scope. In this Policy Pitch event, a panel of experts discussed how to improve the soundness, relevance, accessibility and understanding of health data.

2 August 2017

Regional patterns of Australia’s economy and population

A conversation with Australian Perspectives Fellow, Danielle Wood. The popular idea that the economic divide between Australia’s cities and regions is getting bigger is a misconception. Beneath the oft-told ‘tale of two Australias’ is a more nuanced story.

31 July 2017

Australia’s Post-Finkel Energy Future

An interview with Grattan Institute Associate, Kate Griffiths. Following the release of the Finkel review into the security of the National Electricity Market, the COAG Energy Council of state and federal Energy Ministers came together last Friday 14 July to discuss the review’s recommendations. What did COAG agree, what’s missing and what are the next steps?

18 July 2017

Housing affordability: Resurrecting the Australian dream – Melbourne

Event podcast: In this Policy Pitch event at the State Library of Victoria, Sally Capp (Victorian Executive Director at the Property Council of Australia), Nicki Hutley (Director & Chief Economist at Urbis) and Brendan Coates (Fellow at Grattan Institute) discussed the problems, and weighed the options for reform.

17 July 2017

Higher education funding – the pressures, the changes and possible solutions

A conversation with Higher Education Fellow, Ittima Cherastidtham. Higher education is a complex sector. There are many types of providers from universities to private providers and TAFEs. And with Higher Education getting a lot of attention during this year’s Budget from the Coalition, there is one issue that has and will continue to remain – that of the tension between private and public funding.

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