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17 February 2020

Dark money: How to reform Australia’s political donations system

Big money matters in Australian elections. Amidst a busy week in politics, with the increasing threat of coronavirus, the annual release of the federal political donations data might have slipped under your radar. Yet this data points to a very concerning underlying question: can you buy an election?

Listen to Kate Griffiths, fellow for the Budget Policy and Institutional Reform program, on how to reform Australia’s political donations system.

10 February 2020

Top teachers: sharing expertise to improve teaching

A new career path for expert teachers could transform Australian schools and boost student learning by 18 months by the time they turn 15. Listen to Peter Goss, School Education Program Director, and Julie Sonnemann, School Education Fellow, discuss their new report, Top teachers: sharing expertise to improve teaching. Hosted by Paul Austin.

3 February 2020

Do increases in superannuation come out of wages?

It’s a common assumption that compulsory superannuation comes out of workers’ wages. But is it true? Listen to Brendan Coates, Household Finances Program Director, and Matt Cowgill, Senior Associate discuss their latest working paper No Free Lunch: Higher superannuation means lower wages.

24 January 2020

Could the bushfire crisis be the turning point for climate policy in Australia?

Dozens of lives have been lost and homes destroyed due to the Australian bushfires. In the midst of the tragedy, a big question arises. Might the summer of 2020 be a turning point in climate politics and policy in Australia?

9 January 2020

Energy Futures: Hydrogen, worth the hype?

Hydrogen is now surging to the top of the global decarbonisation agenda. Australia’s competitive advantages, including local expertise and infrastructure, proximity to Asian markets, and abundance of renewable energy, could mean we become a globally significant player through hydrogen exports, with important domestic spill-over benefits. Listen to Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel AO discuss the hydrogen strategy at the Energy Futures forum, co-hosted by the Grattan Institute and the Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI).

13 December 2019

Can private health insurance be saved from the jaws of death? Canberra event – Podcast

Listen to Stephen Duckett, Grattan Institute Health Program Director, and Jo Root, Policy Director of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia, discuss whether private health insurance can be saved from the jaws of death in this podcast.

9 December 2019

Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List 2019 – Podcast

Listen to Grattan Institute CEO John Daley in discussion with Budget Policy Program Director Danielle Wood about the six works on the 2019 Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List.

5 December 2019

Saving Private Health 2: Making private health insurance viable – Podcast

Listen to Grattan Institute’s Health Program Director Stephen Duckett discuss with Kat Clay his latest report on making private health insurance viable.

18 November 2019

Avoiding another Hazelwood: how to manage coal closures – Podcast

This event podcast looks at the challenges facing the National Electricity Market as it transitions away from coal and towards renewables.