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30 November 2012

2012 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister

Each year Grattan Institute releases a summer reading list for the Prime Minister. It recommends books and articles that the Prime Minister, or any Australian interested in public debate, will find stimulating over the break.

10 September 2012

Tomorrow’s suburbs: Building flexible neighbourhoods

Our city fringes are growing at rapid rate. But if these new neighbourhoods do not keep up with the shifting profile and changing needs of their residents over time, they will become less desirable places to live and won’t undergo the renewal that is essential to a successful city. However, we can do things now to ensure that our new suburbs are flexible enough to thrive for decades to come.

5 August 2012

Graduate Winners: Assessing the public and private benefits of higher education

Higher education tuition subsidies are generally too high. They benefit students who already gain a great advantage from higher education. It is time to find a funding model that makes better use of public funds.

15 July 2012

Building the bridge: a practical plan for a low-cost, low-emissions energy future

The carbon price is a vital step in creating a low-emissions future for Australia, but it needs further support. Grattan’s report proposes an innovative and practical solution to an extremely difficult problem.

5 July 2012

Game-changers: Supporting materials

These materials, which support the Game-Changers: Economic reform priorities for Australia report, identify 25 potential major economic reforms in terms of their size, the strength of the supporting evidence, and what we don’t know.

15 June 2012

Game-changers: Economic reform priorities for Australia

If Australian governments want to lift economic growth they must reform the tax mix, and increase the workforce participation rates of women and older people. These reforms could contribute $70 billion to the economy.

26 March 2012

Social cities

Humans are social animals: relationships are critical to our wellbeing. This report looks at ways to make cities better places to live by increasing our opportunities to connect with other people.

17 February 2012

Catching up: learning from the best school systems in East Asia

Four of the world’s five top-performing school systems are now in East Asia. Learning from their strengths in classroom teaching can improve our children’s lives.

6 February 2012

No easy choices: which way to Australia’s energy future?

The carbon pricing scheme alone is not enough to effect the change Australia needs. The report assesses the main low-emissions electricity options, and suggests ways to address an acute intellectual and policy challenge.

29 January 2012

Mapping Australian higher education 2012

Higher education is entering one of its most significant periods in recent history. Mapping Australian higher education puts in one place facts, figures and analysis for understanding institutions, students, and outcomes.